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The 8 biggest military boondoggles of 2015

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Special Operations Speaks: Pilot error? $115 million. An unfinished gas station in Afghanistan? $43 million. The public relations hit accompanying a rogue blimp’s unsanctioned tour of Maryland and Pennsylvania? Absolutely priceless.
The U.S. military budget for fiscal year 2015 was set at about $610 billion, more than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the U.K. combined — and that’s after another round of congressionally mandated spending cuts.


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  1. Oh, surely, there’s a $582 Billion AFMN ZXYX – 46 TransLivesMatter Fighter being developed by the Sore-Ass-Boeing-Airbus Aeronautics Corp.


  2. Putting the President in charge of the military was a fairly good idea until the last seven years. Not even our brilliant Founding Fathers could have foreseen Generalissimo Obama a half African Mau Mau dirtbag being elected Commander in Chief! Malfeasance, perfidy, sabotage and hatred fuels his drive!

  3. The NORAD blimp which broke away was said to be a risk after it crashed, because it “still contained a quantity of flammable helium” in its envelope. It’s bad enough that this came from NORAD’s spokesman.

    Seriously? Wolfie Blitzen and the geniuses at CNN never thought to check a Periodic Table of the Elements? Has no one at the network ever take a science class? Or heard of the Hindenburg, which burned due to its hydrogen fuel?

    Next up, a CNN exposé on negligent parents who give their children flammable helium balloons?

    These idiots defy the imagination…

  4. How about “transgendering” the military. Don’t know what the cost is, but maybe Oblowme’s post preezy plans include becoming a very model of a modern Major General and reprise Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Butt Pirates of Penzance.”

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