The AR-15 is… A SUPERWEAPON?!? – IOTW Report

The AR-15 is… A SUPERWEAPON?!?

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  1. I believe joe* said yesterday that a maximum of “eight rounds per bullet” would be allowed going forward.


  2. @LBS — That was eight bullets in a round!

    Row, row, row your BLAM BLAM
    Gently down the BLAM BLAM
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, BLAM BLAM
    Life is but a BLAM BLAM

  3. ^^^^^ Actually it was eight bullets per round. Equally baffling.
    If the shit hits the fan my weapon of choice to save my family would be an AR 15. And Fucking Joe doesn’t have the Moral or Constitutional authority to prevent me from using one. Fuck Off Joe.

  4. Joe lept out of the shower, stark naked, and rushed to the bedroom where Dr. Jill was awaiting. He bolted through the door and yelled (((((( SUPER WEAPON ))))) to which Dr. Jill replied…………………I’ll have the soup….

  5. Jonathan Capeheart (or whatever his name is) is kinda fruity. If there’s such a thing as Male Resting Bitch Face, he’s got it. And you can tell Joey wants to touch him. Whatever one might say about Biden’s communication skills, the man is golden here. The best actor in the world could not more perfectly express that desire.

  6. How many handguns hold more than 8 rounds? Somehow those will show up on the list as well.
    They know they can’t ban guns, just keep chipping away freedoms.
    Our army is way bigger than theirs, lets keep it that way.

  7. “How many handguns hold more than 8 rounds?”

    A lot more than you realize. Smaller caliber pistols can hold 10 in the magazine. Larger pistols with double stacked magazines can hold up to 17.

  8. I like this guy!
    Not Pedo Joe, the guy doing the videos.
    See all the mind numbed robots nodding like bobble heads behind Biden? “We’re so smart, duhhh”

    That did crack me up…8 bullets per round. Lol!

  9. I replaced the spark plugs in my truck with Bidens magic bullets.
    I can now leave my house late for work yet show up early as I get 8 sparks per discharge compared to the normal one.

  10. The amazing thing about Joey, is he speaks with such absolute arrogance and confidence when spewing nonsense and jibberish. And the circus seals in the audience all clap in unison as if he is a genius.

  11. Eight. Per shot. Wow. Didn’t we sign a SALT treaty disallowing MIRVs that big?

    Next, we’ll be scolded on the evil UltraMAGA-15….

    What a sputtering imbecile.


  12. “How many handguns hold more than 8 rounds?”

    All of my hand guns do, except my revolvers.

    Not wise to disrespect even the perceived least of them, even the revolvers.


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