The August Biden malapropisms

American Thinker-

By James A. Nollet

We all know what a “Bidenism” is — any dumb thing President Biden says or does.  A Bidenism can be any verbal tic, spastic stutter, or lie.  “Malapropisms” are in a subset of the larger subject of Bidenisms.  Malapropisms occur when Biden misuses a word, using a word that means something very different from what he really wanted to say.

And so here they are — the Malapropisms of August.  All dialogue guaranteed verbatim, and I can provide time-stamped video links to every single one of these.

  • …they’re spending the most powerful message to their families…
  • …Our own Department of Energy pioneered and transformed the battery industry, where Barack and I w-w-went into offer, when we were in office…
  • …Jill & I would never have thought, we’d have to join you, the Capitol Rotunda, not once but twice.  Once, to iron — to honor Officer Brian Sicknick, who lost his life…
  • …Those of us been around a while, we knew his dad, knew his dad well.  He was Secretary a the United States — Sergeant-at-Arms in the United States Senate…
  • …It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated I know I’ve said that constantly, and others have as well.  The vaxation of the unvaccinated… 
  • …Thank you, man; you’re a helluvan assalete…
  • …Hi-speed Internet — gonna be available and affordable everywhere, to everyone, so farmers nationwide can get the breast prices for their products at home and abroad…

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4 Comments on The August Biden malapropisms

  1. Biden makes me cringe, constantly.
    Jen NutPsaki however, made me chuckle with her “We’re going to cunt down the Taliban” and her slip up by admitting we’re in a “global plandemic”.

  2. “We all know what a “Bidenism” is — any dumb thing President Biden says or does.”.

    There is no President Biden. There is a pedophile illegally occupying the White House due to election fraud. Mike Pence ordering the murder of an unarmed woman in order to avoid doing his Constitutional duty did NOT make the Pedo, President.

    Also, after his murdering our troops, shitting on their coffins, disrespecting their families, and setting the stage for many more of them to die, its just not cute any more. Its just not funny any more. I can’t laugh at the syphiliptic molester the violent and corrupt foisted on us any more.

    This guy is not a buffoon.

    He’s a tyrant.

    And we will be wading in blood because of it.

    I just cant find humor in that any more, not even black humor. It humanizes him, sets the stage for turning him into a harmless, doddering old uncle, excuses his crimes because of old age.


    He’s a murderer and a ruthless tyrant. He must always be regarded as such and excused nothing.

    They laughed at Hitler in Weimar Germany too.

    We will have similar results if we continue to try to do so.

  3. Biden is the answer to the question –
    How do you have your head up your ass & your foot in your mouth at the same time?


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