The AZ Rally Was A Real Gas!

Despite temperatures that reportedly reached 107 degrees, the angry mobs still showed up outside of the Phoenix Convention Center with mayhem on their minds.

But police kept order and many of the anarchists were sent home in tears – literally.

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  1. Unfortunately, the Police Chief met with some border jumpers and turned Phoenix into a Sanctuary City. Without a vote or input from those the police are supposed to protect.
    Fire whoever is the stupid bastard wearing a police chief’s uniform, and then prosecute.

  2. I’m still reading the stories from Today…So I might have missed

    it..But there was one dude kicking the canisters back at the Police…

    and he took a direct hit to the raisins* with a canister of Gas..then

    what looked to an Asian guy in a krap-a-nik Jersey pulled him out

    of the way

    (*these things don’t have balls)

  3. Instead of Tear Gas, they should use Beer Gas and aerosol them into a stupor. They could also send out some Jagerbombs.
    Better still, use high grade Pot Gas and lead them to Jail with a trail of Kit Kat’s, Snapple, and Doritos.

  4. …ANYWAY.
    Nice to see the local police are actually doing their job, and curb stomping the antifa fleas while they’re at it.
    [yet another rally I missed though, didn’t even know it was happening. I’m so pathetic sometimes. T^T]

  5. I like that. Aaaron. The extra “a” makes me better than the average run of the mill Aaron.

    Damn. I’m inspired.

    Sincerely yours,

    Aaaaaaaaaaron Burrrrrrrrrr

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