The ‘Beto Special’ Sale Clears The Shelves At Gun Store

Named for the special boy who’s running for ’20.

Western Journalism: Gun Store Sells Out After Running ‘Beto Special’ Sale on AR-15s.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke made a very off-the-cuff, fiery statement during the Democratic debate on Thursday:

“Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he said.

That was pretty unequivocal — and totally done at the spur of the moment. It’s not like it was something that was endlessly rehearsed or anything. And his campaign clearly wasn’t in on it.

Oh, wait, what was that? I’m hearing something in my rhetorical earpiece — ah yes, we’re going to go to Twitter, where we’ve seen reports of a new product in the Beto 2020 online store: read more

18 Comments on The ‘Beto Special’ Sale Clears The Shelves At Gun Store

  1. The Beto 2020 (Model B) is a great weapon for arm-waving enthusiasts who like to keep it lively and real while they shoot from the hip and wave their arms at their prey. It shoots hundreds of rounds per minute out of it’s unchoked, slightly malformed, 2″ barrel with minimum recoil and hardly any local echo. Deemed safe for voters of all ages, it can be purchased without ID or background check of any kind. Available online and at convention retailers.

  2. But Merry Poppet, keep trying! The Beto 2020 supports your choice of live ammunition!

    ● Fluffy kittens
    ● Newborn puppies
    ● Furry gerbils
    ● Aborted babies

  3. Automatic: fires continuously when trigger is pulled

    Semi-automatic: fires one shot each time the trigger is pulled

    Betomatic: fires one incendiary round which hits the “nobody is going to take your guns” zeppelin

  4. Correct, Thirdtwin. NOBODY is coming to get your Beto 2020! It’s yours to keep forever! Guaranteed unconstituditionally.

  5. If he was Trump, the press would be interviewing psychiatrists opinionating about his lack of presidential temperament and how such a hair-trigger personality should never have the nuclear codes.

  6. MJA, that’s because it has a specially-designed, Beto-patented, 2020 hind sight which allows you to see if anyone is coming for your weapon. When they are, that’s when it says “FUCK!!!”

    Obviously, someone is coming for you, MJA.

  7. seriously??
    ya know a ruger mini ranch can be c with a couple hundred $$$ of plastic parts.
    seems to me, if ya had the machinery and wanted to make some $$…ya would make and sell kits to turn ar-15’s into mini ranch type non “assualt” rifles. if ya own an ar, it would be cheap insurance, cause ya never know.

  8. I am perplexed by those without guns suggesting/demanding those with guns give them up.

    I’m guessing there is a lack of ‘common sense’.

  9. Since I was forced to liquidate all of my firearm assets due to a physical disability and can no longer shoot…I still felt compelled to buy another AR or AK just for the cause.

    But then again I’m too late.

  10. Beto needs to be rectumfied with my purple strap on. Butt as soon as Mayor Petey is done using it O’Rourke better be buttered up and ready to roll…


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