The Brave Firefighters of CNN

Patriot Retort:

Say, remember when MSNBC “journalist” Katy Tur described reporters as firefighters who bravely rush toward a fire?

They’re fearless, selfless and brave those firefighters of the American news media.

Unless of course a Republican woman calls one of them a liberal hack.

Then quicker than you can say “backdraft,” the brave firefighters crumble into an inconsolable heap of tears.

Adam Schiff’s press secretary, CNN’s Manu Raju had just such a traumatic moment yesterday with Republican Senator Martha McSally

“Lashed out.”

Oh, the HUMANITY!!!

McSally posted video of the exchange with this message:

A) you are.
B) here’s the video.

Senator McSally doesn’t break her stride.  She doesn’t stop and get in poor Manu’s face.  She simply says, “Man, you’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you,” and “You’re a liberal hack, buddy.”

But over at CNN, the brave firefighters were apoplectic with outrage.

Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper were visibly shaken as they played the video of this harrowing, threatening moment.

Why Jake was so horrified by this “attack,” he scampered to the McCain family to tattle on mean old Senator McSally because she’s McCain’s replacement!!! MORE

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  1. I believe i like this mcsally. She talked to this communist moron sort of like i would if i were her, minus f bombs.

  2. She had the audacity to call a spade – a spade!

    She has the brains to know what a spade is!

    Many liberals ( naming some liberals: Lisa, Mitt, Susan) are either too dumb to know what a spade is; or too C S to speak out!

  3. I don’t remember CNN calling Nancy Pelosi “unbecoming” when she jabbed her finger at Trump, called him a Russian stooge and stormed out of a meeting.

  4. Modern Democrat Men.

    Crying because someone called them a name or in this case didn’t talk to them.

    I’m more disappointed in the women who hang around these pussies.

  5. …y’know, I was on a basement fire once with my crew in a basement that was apparently designed by the guy who did the hedge maze for “The Shining”. There was an illegal basement bedroom which was against code for this very reason, and whoever put it as far from the staircase as they possibly could, also had some really funny ideas about how to subdivide the space with studs and Sheetrock, because it was a labyrinth down there.

    Basement fires are nasty anyway, because there is typically only one way in or out in the form of a burnable wooden staircase at one end, the concrete/stone construction makes it a DANDY oven, the ability to ventilate is usually impaired by the subground construction so it makes no difference if your eyes are open or closed because you’re going to see the same thing either way, and the fire licks at the raw wood of the joists holding the dead weight of the entire rest of the house above you, and in this case was free to come rolling out overhead because whoever did this didn’t think any kind of fire stoppage was necessary at the top of his casual walls.

    Happily, we knew there was no life hazard as everyone was reported out. Well, no life hazard other than US, that is.

    For a fire like this, SOP was at least a four-man hose crew, NOT counting the engineer running the pump. There was one nozzleman and three spear carriers to not only help with the weight and maneuverability of the hose, but also so you could drop a guy at the corner at the top of the stairs to keep the hose from catching, another one at the first sharp bend at the bottom of the stairs for the same reason, and you could drop the third guy at another corner as well, but ideally he could back the nozzleman up when the attack was made.

    I was 3 of 4 on this particular attack when the #2 emerged from the smoke, REALLY wanting to leave. He could not articulate WHY (tough to talk in these circumstances, what with the PPV SCBA mask, the roar of fire, things falling as they are consumed, people yelling, etc., so not a great place to be conversant. Because the nozzleman did not come out with him, I thought it would be courteous to ensure he wasn’t, you know, dead or anything, so I started to move up to the #2 slot when he also emerged from the soot and drove me out in front of him.

    When we went back out I found that he was very angry because the original #2 had basically abandoned him without notice, leaving him to fend for himself in the flame-filled basement, thus making it too hazardous to remain and stripping the ability to make another corner to the fire anyway, so it screwed up the attack. We had to reorganize, but the fire got the jump on us because of the delay, so it was a MUCH worse situation we had to deal with the second time.

    The #2 did not go back in, and resigned rather than attend the post mortem on the fire. Although he was a veteran of many attacks, this one for some reason mightily exceeded his personal bravery capacity, and he simply turned and ran.

    Not a profile in courage, to be sure. NOT someone you would want to have your back. HE did the right thing by resigning, and probably would have been kicked out if he HADN’T. He’s pretty much the most cowardly person I ever met in my time there, and I was glad he left and I didn’t have to worry about him having MY back later.

    But for all that, he was STILL braver than ANYONE in the CNN news room.

    At least he went IN…

    The simile is completely repugnant to me, as it would be if they compared themselves to LEOs or soldiers, because they have NO courage, NO honor, NO dignity, and are trying to WRECK rather than SAVE anything besides, so their actual MOTIVE and success metrics are warped and evil to BEGIN with.

    NO good can come of ANYTHING CNN does. A better comparison would be to witches brewing, as trying to make sympathetic magic to destroy something good from a distance instead of confronting it with any measure of courage or possibility of success is closer to what THEY do, as is the part about worshiping Satan and being ugly inside and out.

    I appreciate the sarcastic tone of this article when quoting these cowards. It’s just a shame that there isn’t some “Stolen Valor” statue to punish them for making the comparison in the FIRST place, as the words just coming from their MOUTH spits on the honor of an entire profession dedicated to saving lives and property instead of, as CNN does, encouraging the unwarranted destruction of BOTH…

    Fuck you, CNN, and you ESPECIALLY, Katy Tur. Go help your Dad out of his dress and keep your dishonorable comparisons to yourself. You ain’t worthy to sweep the ashes off the trucks.



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