“The character and culture of America have become more like the Third World” – IOTW Report

“The character and culture of America have become more like the Third World”

American Greatness:
By Matthew Boose
America is one of the most welcoming nations on the planet, but you would never know it listening to our mass media. An unceasing avalanche of contempt for Americans and their “racist” and “backward” ways flows from the mouths of liberal talking heads on cable news. It is particularly maddening to listen to this talk from recently arrived immigrants in positions of power and influence. The likes of U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Ana Navarro on “The View,” and MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan have done very well for themselves in the United States, but they don’t do a very good job of showing their gratitude.

Imagine if you invited someone over for dinner and they spent the night making snide comments about your out-of-date kitchen. It’s just not polite.

Many of these figures wear the “child of immigrants” and “hyphenated-American” labels like honorifics (“I love hyphens,” Navarro says), a wise career move in a time that treats borders as arbitrary lines and those who cross them illegally as more worthy than Americans. These super-citizens are not shy about exercising their privileges. They never stop talking about their foreign background, which they use as a cudgel against the native-born. They tend to become particularly voluble in the aftermath of politically charged events with the potential to transform the culture and laws of the United States. 

With gun control back in the news, we have heard an awful lot of unsolicited complaining from these people—who probably would not be here if not for the 1965 Hart-Celler Act that opened the nation up to millions of Third World immigrants and their descendants—about everything they think needs to be changed in the country that generously gave them and their families a new home. After first noting she is a “child of immigrants” for etiquette’s sake, New York Times journalist Farnaz Fassihi laments that because of gun violence, “everyone I know wishes they could raise their children outside of America.”  more here

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  1. happens when you elect the mau-mau types

  2. Anonymous
    JUNE 15, 2022 AT 9:32 AM
    “happens when you elect the mau-mau types”



    …oh, YEAHHH…ELECT!

    Shouldn’t DO that?

    I wonder why people v…*snerk!*…vote like that now?

    Maybe something in the water…

  3. Walk around parts of South Portland, ME and it’s like you’re a foreign visitor in Africa.

  4. I don’t know anyone who would want to raise their kids and grandkids outside of America. What third word hellhole does Farnaz Fassihi come from, if she is so ungrateful about living in America, she should voluntarily move back to her native country and raise her kids there. Good riddance, and don’t let the door slam on you as you leave America the freest country on earth for misery and poverty and Hell on earth. If you don’t assimilate, we don’t want you, scram, vamoose, get lost and take your pisslamic phony religion back with you and see how you and your kids like it.

  5. Might open invitations to third-world democrat voters have something to do with this?
    Close the fucking border!

  6. you get the 3rd world by allowing 3rd worlders to run the show

  7. democRATz have lauched the Detroitification of the United States and we’re on a out of control sleigh ride to Venezuela.

  8. “…Third World” = Shit Hole
    It’s like swarms of cockroaches, lice, rats and locusts all coming at once through the open doors and windows of your previously secure home.

  9. I’m having trouble thinking of anyone who left the United States because of conditions here. Sean Penn, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Milano, numerous MSNBC talking heads – they’re all still here. There are people who have fled – Roman Polansky, draft dodgers, etc. – but they left to avoid criminal prosecution. But in terms of general living conditions, these hypocrites just aren’t leaving like they said they would.

    I would actually propose a trade: for every politician or celebrity who actually follows through and relocates to another country, we will take 10 of those foreigners who actually want to be in the U.S. And trust me – we will have absolutely no problem finding folks who actually want to be here instead of the hell holes they are living in.

  10. We used to control LEGAL immigration and required them to take lessons on our history and form of government so they could pledge allegiance during their path toward citizenship. Is that gone now?

  11. Jethro — It’s a sad truth that getting old(er) means we have memories of an America that almost seems like a utopian dream now. I imagine myself seated before an audience of 20-somethings, describing all the freedoms we enjoyed at their age and how (relatively) lightly the yoke of gov’t rested on our minds (other than the IRS – which we only thought about on April 14th as we scrambled to get our return to the PO for date stamp).

    What a world.

  12. “everyone I know wishes they could raise their children outside of America.”

    Fine. GTFO then you ungrateful communists.

  13. Grafitti along the trails in the national parks. Diversity is our strength.

  14. Some free advice for anyone who worries about raising their families in America: adios, mo’fo!

  15. I challenge all immigrants to become AMERICANS, in deed, not just word.

  16. We keep headed down the path we’re on and all the illegals will go home to greener pastures.

  17. Pissing and moaning. About the turd worlders. Your “fellow Americans” imported. To extort your money. For themselves. Not the turd world slaves.

    Insisting it’s the turd worlder’s crime. And your “fellow Americans” should keep the money. But the turd worlders should, somehow, “make you whole”.

    Sitting in the La-Z-Boy. Lubing your guns. For “the right time”.

    You will not be missed.

  18. The Pledge of Allegiance, like the Oath of Office that our politicians mouth, don’t mean what they used to mean.
    One could argue that neither mean jack shit these days.

  19. Can someone PLEASE put one of those “Translate” buttons on fnuck, son of fnord posts.

  20. First thing there’s no such thing as gun violence, guns do not jump up and create violence. They are a tool, full stop.
    There’s a culture of violence that needs to be addressed and then there’s antidepressants that they know for fact a certain percentage go extremely violent.

  21. Brad, what you should be asking for by now is the “Skip” button.

    You can’t teach a pig to sing, yada yada

  22. I sometimes don’t understand WTF someone is trying to get across all the time here, maybe some should lay off the sauce/pills before posting.
    I’m reading nonsense here all the time in posts. I’m mad & cranky posts are getting very old too.

  23. ““everyone I know wishes they could raise their children outside of America.” ”
    Don’t let the exit door strike your posterior.

  24. “happens when you elect the mau-mau types”
    Or, more clearly, when you elect the Mao-Mao types


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