The Clap Is Back!

Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia on the rise, CDC says.

To understand how America is being affected by this wave of STDs, it helps to look at each underlying STD individually.

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  1. I hear Fox is going to reboot their self-obsessed
    high school choir series and rename it Gleet.

    It’ll have a new character, great-grandson of the famous
    sitar player, and the kid is named Robby Chancre.

  2. “Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia”

    … now why does a Groucho Marx routine come to mind?

    say the magic woid & our contestants get a hundred ducks … uh, bucks

    btw, shouldn’t it read … “I was on the rise, & got Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia.”?

  3. IMHO, lack of morals means increase in diseases. The CDC can blame it on lack of money(the go to for everything government) and poverty, but the truth is have one sexual partner of the opposite sex and you won’t get diseases.

  4. I’ll wager it is parallel to illegal immigration stats.
    These are third world diseases. Most likely related to the sex trade.

  5. Hmmmm…..pushing sluttyness in school and on tv, pushing the homosexual agenda, pushing tax payer funded abortions and the rates of std’s is on the rise.

  6. The ’60s: Summer of Love, overseas deployment, check.
    The ’70s: California, free love, swinging, check.
    The ’80s: Drug induced mass sexual infatuation, check.
    If I can go through that without a preventable disease, so can they.
    Wrap and wash, it’s not hard.
    There were times I used a beer, always wash off the unknown.
    No fucks given.

  7. The clap is nothing to mess with, believe me. That’s what I got for being young and stupid and going into Olongapo City in Subic (Pubic) Bay in the Philippines where there were more hookers than sailors. It was the closest I’ve ever been to hell, the whole place was a giant gateway descending down into hell. Thank God, I was saved from that.

  8. What about the billions of free condoms given out over the last 30 years? Did they all malfunction, or just never used?

    Just more proof that giving out free stuff is no good.


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