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The Coming Kitten and Puppy Apocalypse

Climate alarmist and Harvard professor, Naomi Orekes  is apparently running out of ways to excite the masses about the perils of climate change.  So she’s racketed up the rhetoric by claiming all human life on the continents of Australia and Africa will be lost if we don’t listen to her.

But Naomi tops her self when she predicts the total extinction of kitten and puppies by 2023.

Read about the hyperbole here

Your cuteness won’t save you from the coming petageddon.



14 Comments on The Coming Kitten and Puppy Apocalypse

  1. I get the feeling that the whole “global warming” hoax has pretty much jumped the shark.

    This horsemanure pretty well confirms it.

  2. Her spewage of crapola is meant for liberal green zombies that need periodic injections of horse manure to keep the alarmist flame burning. The majority of fully functioning brain humans like me find her an amusement.

  3. Let’s make Naomi a deal. If she’s right and come 2023 all puppies and kittens are gone (only 9 years by the by) we all email her an apology and 20 bucks to help build her shelter from the global warming, er freezing um let’s call it climate change. If on the other hand, she’s wrong we turn her into kibble for those hungry pups. I’m sure she’d agree with her own recycling for a good cause.

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