The day everyone turns MLK into a Magic 8-Ball

Patriot Retort:

Two years ago I referred to MLK Day as “If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today Day.”

Every year on MLK Day, the news media, pundits, university professors and opinion writers spend their time telling us exactly what Martin Luther King would think about whatever story or event is currently in the news.

Do an internet search on the phrase “What would Martin Luther King say” or “What would Martin Luther King think” and you’ll see what I mean.

Over the last few years, we’ve gotten a heaping helping of “think” pieces from the smart set on “What MLK would say about Donald Trump.”

It’s as if these folks view MLK as some kind of Magic 8-Ball or Ouija board.

They conjure up opinions out of thin air based, not on reality, but wishful thinking.

And this year is no different.

Today we’re getting breathless outrage over the fact that Virginia gun owners have descended on that state’s capital for a Second Amendment March.

And the Left is rushing to their MLK Magic 8-Ball to tell us exactly how Martin Luther King would feel about “his day” being disrespected ….

…by a large civil rights march.

Ironic, ain’t it?

Like, for example, this:

12 Comments on The day everyone turns MLK into a Magic 8-Ball

  1. MLK is spinning in his grave right now. He spoke of judging someone not by the color of their skin but the content of their character. Today’s identity politics is certainly not what he had in mind.

  2. It looks like Trudeau took the day off today. I have not seen the skinny shit on the TV all day.

    I wonder what he thinks MLK’s reaction to his black face routine would be????

  3. …there used to be a TV series called “The Boondocks” that was made by an actually Black, Black activist, and I don’t agree with a LOT of his politics, but his take on what would happen if MLK were to somehow return and see what his people made of the mountain he led them to is SPOT ON.

    …he DOES throw some N- bombs … a LOT of N-bombs… so NSFW, but he’s allowed because he’s Black.

    …the speech (short)…

    …and the episode (long)…

  4. …also, I think “cue ball” is slang for “Bald White man” and 8 Ball is slang for “Bald Black man”, just sayin’…

  5. Imagine his opinion of Barry?….I’m sure he would be polite and cordial but I can’t help but think MLKj would think Barry was a longed legged mac daddy……MLKj also had an eye for the ladies. What do you think he would think of Barry’s homosexual tendencies?…..

  6. ^^^^ nahhhh, ‘cue ball’ was one of Pop Corn’s bad dudes that was gonna jump ol’ ‘Hairy Legs Joe’ ^^^^

  7. King had his good af his bad. For one, he was a plaigerist.

    So what would king say? Depends on what he could lift.

  8. I read some “stuff” about MLK linked
    from WRS web site.It wasn’t pretty…
    Old Hoover didn’t like him one bit and
    kept extensive tabs on him.Did MLK have
    links to the red commies ???

  9. Every year, I cring at the fawning and memorial “celebrating” of Martin Luther King Jr.

    To the less observant and leftist tools he was god-like. An advocate of every kumbaya, SJW, Judea-Christian system destroying tactic possible. Just look the political background of those who celebrate him.

    Since everyone is predicting who a modern day MLK Jr. would be like today, let me add my two cents – he would be a close friend of Barack Hussein Obama – nuff said.

    No, King was no god or saint, but that’s typical of the average man. What he was, is a man who exchanged his Christian faith for Socialist doctrine, which is the mantle of civil rights. Doctrine the Ghandi worshipping MLK Jr. adopted as part of his legacy. Non violent protest has roots in Hinduism.

    He and others let a fascist, jack boot Nazi Democrat fraction, the KKK, be the “fake new” definition of the Republic. On that primus, the marxist solution – civil right was implemented. Ignoring the safeguard of freedoms and liberties already established by the U.S. Constitution for every American.

    Black Americans were in general much more intact – contibuting to society in very significant ways and affluent during his time.
    King’s association and partnership with progressives elites, helped throw blacks Americans into a moral, economic and social decline.

    It has taken 50 years since the death of MLK for at least some black Americans to finally see the socialist deception perpetrated Democrats. Thanks to God’s mercy, President Trump has dramatically helped black Americans rebound from their self imposed and targeted downfall.

    As a Constitutional conservative
    black American, I will NEVER celebrate a marxist and for me, Martin Luther King Jr. fits the bill.

    Let’s keep the dreams of our Founding Fathers alive, not the crushing morass of Marxism.


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