“The Democrats and the Catchfart Media Complex”.

Sounds about right.

3 Comments on “The Democrats and the Catchfart Media Complex”.

  1. An award winning news woman in Phoenix was being ripped for her “right wing views” and told to turn it down. Her response was “F*ck them. They’re 20-year-old dopes,” Lake responded. “That’s a rag for selling marijuana ads”.
    That’s who’s behind a lot of what’s going on in the newsrooms….20 year-old-dopes.

  2. my dog becomes a catchfart at the first sign of thunder…..let me tell you, it is not a good thing to have a catchfart following you around everywhere you go…..

    it’s a pain in the …..um…..

    well, i just don’t like it……you might like it, but i would prefer that the dog stay outta my butt…..

    gee, i wonder how so many of us have embraced the oldentimes word “catchfart”…..

    could it be we are all reading Ace????

    for what it’s worth, i was not able to post this under my own name……it kept telling me i was posting too many comments, even tho i have not commented under my real name for ages…

    once i went anon, there was no problem..


    i am chuckie….not allowed to comment


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