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The Diamond Princess, a floating Chinese Virus palace, provides suggestive data

American Thinker: What’s frightening about the Chinese Virus is the overwhelming amount of inconclusive information.  We’re inundated with media speculation and hyperventilation, Chinese disinformation, and data that change daily thanks to the treatment and quarantine initiatives governments are trying around the world.

The fact that the disease has different rates of contagion and mortality in different parts of the world makes things more confusing.  We can understand why it exploded in China, a place of censored information, pollution, smoking, and primitive socialized medicine.  But why was it so virulent in Italy?

Surely, Italy’s socialized medicine is better than China’s.  Or is the problem Italy’s recent Silk Road Project agreement with China, which resulted in more than three hundred thousand Chinese workers entering Italy, mostly in the north, along with constant traffic between the two countries?  Although the mainstream media celebrated the deal as a slap at Trump, in hindsight, it may have had disastrous consequences for Italy.

Fortunately, there is one almost “pure” location for coronavirus data, and that is Princess Cruise’s Diamond Princess cruise ship.  This was the ship moored along Japan’s coast while the government tried to determine the best way to deal with a floating virus bomb.  Writing at Watts Up With That, Willis Eschenbach looked at the Princess Cruise’s numbers and discovered some encouraging information:

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  1. The entire world was protesting out of control gov’t. China, Hong Kong, Iran, France, Virginia, etc. Then world leaders met in Davos and a few weeks later we get a virus that shuts down the entire world. Co-incidence? I don’t think so. Trump has been duped by Jared Kushner.

  2. Wuhan Flu is probably an engineered virus subject to random mutation that the Chinese mistakenly loosed on their own people. Kind of curious that they blamed the US Army, isn’t it? Sort of a “tell?”
    Socialist countries are always secretive – in order to hide their inherent incompetencies, murders, oppressions, starvations, inadequacies, and repressions. So that’s expected. Pretending surprise is like Insp. Renault being “shocked” to discover gambling at Rick’s. That the media perpetuates the lie is nauseating. That we’ve panicked and boarded ourselves up is preposterous.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. This whole thing is bullshit: flu epidemics are 10 times worse. Let it rip, and the damage done will be a fraction of the damage being done to our freedom by this panic and martial law threat.

  4. Go to this site and zoom in on a small group of islands just north of the UK called the Faroe Islands, part of the Kingdom of Denmark with a population of ~50k and isolated from major air travel.

    I noticed they had one confirmed case a week ago and found it curious, so I have been monitoring it. Why did they get one case about the time the European explosion started? Who brought it there? That should easily be tracked down.
    They are up to 92 confirmed cases, with no confirmed fatlities or deaths.
    This will be an excellent case study, like the Diamond Princess. I hope somebody is paying attention.

  5. This is how I have been looking at it.

    It is one of the worst places to get sick because of the sealed city effect. No one initially knew or took precautions. The clients are much older in many cases and all the food is prepared in the same kitchens. Worst yet there is a Casino.

    The overall results were petty good actually! So Shoot me!

  6. Very interesting. Like a lab on a boat.
    This will encourage and frighten people out there. Some will be encouraged at the fact that most people lived.
    Some, like the main stream leftist media will push fear by focusing on the people who had the virus but showed no symptoms.
    I think the Chinese engineered this. Notice the protests in Hong Kong were almost immediately stopped?

  7. @jethro

    That is a good observation. Just a few weeks ago, scientists were wondering how it could explode simultaneously in such disparate locations. I think they have tossed out some quasi explanations.

    But to me it is still a mystery.


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