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The Fix To Charge President Trump With A Crime

ToreSays: It’s easy to sit on your lawn chair and shout at the TV and look at stumbling blocks and failures people experience while fighting for what they believe is crucial. It’s also easy to look at pictures, and evidence (both actual and manufactured) and draw premature conclusions. The hard thing to do is actually put the pieces of truth together to get the REAL picture because TRUTH is hidden in all the lies that opportunists, losers, globalists, paid mouthpieces, posers, and wannabe social media stars push.

Russia Collusion failed. J6 WILL FAIL. Election Fraud Claims #DANGERZONE

Over 65% of Americans believe that “some election fraud” happened. One instance is too much, let alone “some,” which can be anything from many to almost all cases. 

Many consider the Maricopa County Audit a failure because MEDIA told them so. The Media also advised you that President Trump was a Russian agent for almost four years and the MEDIA also said that Hunter Biden’s Laptop was Russian Disinformation. In addition, multiple “intelligence officials” also signed off claiming the laptop was Russian Disinformation as well, and now they are being officially questioned about that letter they signed. Therefore if you are listening to the media both left and right, it’s your fault you are ill-informed.

In the age of DECEPTION, where MISINFORMATION and DISINFORMATION are standard practice, how do you discern what is factual information and what is propaganda?

How did we know that the Russia Dossier was propaganda and phony?

First-hand knowledge from both conventional and unconventional whistleblowers is first and foremost. The MEDIA skews facts, and usually, slander taints or applies the labels such as that of a conspiracy theorist, fraud, grifter, and liar because they know how expensive defamation litigation is on genuine whistleblowers. (The fake whistleblowers get movies and book deals or join some leftist 501c3 or write books filled with lies and drunken or drug-induced rants) 

How did we know that ELECTION AUDIT FAILURE is a lie?

We know this for the same reason as why the RUSSIA HOAX was a lie; Common Players.

Simple. For starters, consistency and common factors. The same guy who worked on the Hillary Clinton email scandal investigation also worked on sabotaging President Trump’s image. He was motivated to run interference, build a false case, and run with it. 

That guy’s name was Peter Strzok.  MORE

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  1. Smite the shepherd and the sheep will flee. Worked for Rome didn’t it. I hesitate to use the illustration because I in no way compare Trump to Christ but in principle it’s what the left believes needs to be done. Get rid of Trump and the MAGA herd will go away, but DJT started a movement bigger than himself and the left cannot stop it now. If Don goes down others will rise we need to build on his best qualities and visions for America. And if DJT goes down so will Obama, Hillary and the Bidens.

  2. ^^^^ if you’re trying to ‘suck start a shotgun’ you have no concept of intent of the mechanism … hero ^^^^

    but, by all means, go ahead … show us how it’s done

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