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The GOP Watches While Our World Is Destroyed


“The world won’t be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

Steve Bannon has been ordered to report to prison by July 1st. His “crime” is failing to honor a Congressional subpoena. No one has been jailed for such an offense since 1948. His real crime is that he is the leading, most vocal critic of the Biden administration and its systematic efforts to destroy the rule of law.

On Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers, ought to be shutting down the government in protest. Instead, with a handful of courageous exceptions they continue to mill about, attend committee hearings, issue press statements, and act as if this is all part of normal order.

Peter Navarro is already in jail.  He was convicted of the same “crime” as Bannon.  He was targeted, because he is a key advisor to Joe Biden’s top political opponent, Donald Trump. The Republicans seem disinterested. more here

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  1. Tucker Carlson recently interviewed congressman Thomas Massie. He said that almost every GOP senator has an AIPAC minder who decides how they will vote. The GOP is just controlled opposition at this point.

  2. Our founding patriots would have hung biden* from the nearest tree for opening the border to terrorists.
    I know the bastard didn’t get 81 million votes but he must have had at least 60 million idiots vote for him.
    This after promising to “get rid of fossil fuels” and insulting the fuck out of the black race.

  3. The Republican establishment is absolutely more loathsome and contemptible than the Democrats. The former lie to their base and dry shave them whenever the chips are down. It is close, but the Democrats deliver on their promises to their base or make a supreme effort to do so. The Goddamn Republican establishment rarely delivers and frequently are cutting deals with Democrats then lie about it.

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    are mostly AI….imho….

    pedojoepeters46 prove me wrong….
    fill a stadium….betcha can’t.

    They cheated, We know they cheated, They know we know they’re cheating, But they keep cheating anyway, and We keep pretending to believe them.

  5. ^^^^ Finally. A troll. Totally in favor of the destruction of the traditional USofA. Kinda makes you wonder why. An abused child? A nerd seeking revenge. A sexually confused little bitch that will soon find out they will never be happy. Anyway you look at it hell bent on self destruction. No future, no past.

  6. The republican party lost its credibility during Bush the elder’s momentary reign. He of the kinder gentler conservative, the compassionate conservative, the democrat lite republican, who said ‘Read my lips, no new taxes!’ then proceeded to raise taxes into the election season. That individual was the first republican I ever heard promise some -thing- to the people, I don’t remember what it was even, which shows how important that -thing- was.

    The republicans have to pretend to go along with Trump because he’s been foisted on them by…THE AMERICAN PUBLIC… and it SCORCHES THEIR GRITS to have to pretend to go along. Yasss, yass, there are a handful of republicans that actually have some MAGA going on, but the lickspittles are the vast majority… here’s squinting at you, eyepatch mc’stain!

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