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The ‘Gotcha’ Game

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Prizes that stay on the internet (kids, you know the internet is world-wide and forever thing, riiiight?)

EAG: School warns ‘Gotcha’ game has students stripping nude in public, posting images online.

VANCOUVER, Canada – The North Vancouver School District is warning parents about a “Gotcha” game played by graduating seniors that’s “inappropriate, illegal and could have lifelong consequences.”

The game is like tag with a buy-in, and whichever student lasts until the end collects a pot of cash.

Students pay a fee to join and are issued another player to target. Once a person is tagged, they are out of the game unless they strip naked within 30 seconds.


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  1. No stories here yet about flynn memo, impeachment, etc.
    So i’m just going to commment here.

    This is the thanks he gets for letting hillary off the hook as soon as he was elected. They try to impeach him.

    Then he helps that pos ryan try to pass obamacare 2.0 and says he is thinking about primarying the freedom caucus, the only people in washington that supported him in the election.

    What am i to think of this? As a trump supporter, am i supposed to care if he gets impeached now?

    I hate the democrats with a passion but i’m having a very hard time trying to defend trump from this soft coup if all he’s going to do is stab us in the back from day one.

    Prediction: They’re going for impeachment and trump is going to try to win people like me back somehow. Start building a wall or something. Try to sucker us back so we’ll defend him from impeachment.

    Do i go back to defending him?

    Fark No!
    He should have thought about all this before he made paul the scuzzbag ryan his new best friend.
    If trump did it once, he’ll do it again. If we save him from impeachment, he’ll stab us in the back right after we save him.

    Is there one single solitary republican politician in this entire country that will do what we vote them in for?

    Fark them all !!!!!!!!

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