The Gray Lady and The White Pedo [allegedly]Are Slap-Fighting – IOTW Report

The Gray Lady and The White Pedo [allegedly]Are Slap-Fighting

Nolte: Biden Appears on Howard Stern Show After Snubbing ‘New York Times.’

Breitbart: His Fraudulency Joe Biden refuses to be interviewed by the New York Times but just appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show.

And this happened just days after the far-left Politico published a report about the “bad blood” between the White House and the Times. Sitting for a Howard Stern interview should be interpreted by the Times staff as Biden sticking a finger directly in their smug eye. more

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  1. If the NYT is a CIA mouthpiece, as Sundance says, then Biden’s junta should be worried. There are troubling things coming out of the NYT lately, not the least of which is that op-ed slagging Alvin Bragg. Something is in the air, and there’s a whiff of regime change.

  2. Bah, Old Joe and the Slimes will kiss and make up, it’s an election year.
    If they want, the DNC can get rid of Biden in the primaries with super delegates, the same way they did to Bernie in 2016.

  3. Jackass Joe and Howard have something in common:
    Being an Asshole pays extrodinarily well in this country!
    Aside from news excerpts, I’ve listened to about 3 minutes of Howard Stern who I thought sounded like a pedophile appealing to children who wanted a cheap thrill by listening to “shock” radio that targeted horny teenagers and low IQ slackers.


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