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The High School from Hell

A black student’s fight against Critical Race Theory.

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Let me tell you about a lawsuit and a school’s efforts to force Intersectionality/Critical Race Theory on a student that refuses indoctrination.

William Clark is a senior at Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus, a public charter school, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He started the 2020 school year like any other senior: ready to graduate and pursue his dreams. His future is in music and he wants to attend Berkley School of Music or New York University. His dreams are normal but he faces unique challenges. His father is deceased, his mother is temporarily disabled and unemployed, and he works fast food to help support his family. He is also suing his school.

William’s easy senior year was cancelled by Democracy Prep after he stood up for what he believed. Not cancelled in the COVID sense, but through means that violated his Constitutional rights as a student. You see, this year, he has been required to take a year-long class called “Sociology of Change” taught by teacher Kathryn Bass.

The class is inspired by radical Intersectionalist/Critical Race Theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw. The first assignments in “Sociology of Change” included:

  • Requiring William to “reveal his racial, sexual, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and religious identities.”
  • Determining if any parts of William’s identity “have privilege or oppression attached to it.”

According to Democracy Prep, recognizing these traits is important because from there you can identify your power and oppression. From the class: more

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  1. Now if Bad Little Johnny was in that class and the teacher asked him to reveal his “sexuality”, he would stand up, unzip, and pull out his tool and stroke it.

    “Here’s what I got teacher – a hunk of burnin’ love.”

  2. No grade worse than C-? Really? Do they give life experience credits as well? This is trickle down stupidity imposed by indoctrinated administrators and teachers. Thousands upon thousands of Ph.D.’s are being granted to future principals and superintendents that only require fealty to intersectionality and critical theory and some garbage dissertation that is less rigorous than a freshman term paper. This flood of droning NPCs has overwhelmed the educational system, from pre-school to post graduate, even polluting STEM with their woke curriculum.

    Four more years of Democrat domination will be the end of education in the US.


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