The “Hot Oil Toss” is a scream at the Texas State Fair

This was the wild scene at Dallas Fair Park this weekend when workers from competing concession stands went to war with each other.

15 Comments on The “Hot Oil Toss” is a scream at the Texas State Fair

  1. I KNEW it was gonna be black women.

    *sigh* ANOTHER day to be embarrassed to be the same skin color as these cage monkeys…

  2. Hate to say it, but hood rat n***ers are volatile, violent and crazy. You can lie and deny all you want, but fax be fax.

  3. I’m disappointed.
    What’s all this shit I hear about everyone having a gun in Texas?

  4. A break down in polite society.
    When the very thin veneer of polite society
    is peeled away and exposes what lies beneath,
    shear and raw brutality….

  5. What TommyBoy in IN said with additional observation.

    Some characteristics of “uncaged” monkey behavior exhibited in the video;
    – No impulse control
    – Lack of self awareness
    – Childish, aggressive reaction to opposition.
    – Lack of reasoning
    – No thought of consequences or responsibility for actions.
    – Typical black Democrat voter.

  6. This is exactly why I never go to the Texas State Fair even though it’s only 40 minutes away. Too many urban coons around. They’re assholes of the first order. They go from zero to felony assault in a second and often for reasons no sensible person could even fathom.

  7. It’s not a break down in society, it’s primarily the behavior of
    one group in our society.

    Black make up 13% of our population. The age group from say 12-35 are about 7%. That 7% are responsible for well over 50% of all violent crimes.

    Want to have a couple more empty chambers in your revolver of life? Avoid them.


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