The house Eric Holder built

American Thinker:

Life’s tough for former Obama officials.

On the hand, they’re every bit as extremist as the new crop of Democrats coming right out and calling for Utopia – free health care, free education, green new deal, open borders. Here a trillion, there a trillion…sky’s the limit.

On the other hand, while they weren’t particularly responsible with money themselves, they did hold power, and in the context of the real world. That meant dealing with an opposition, courts, and other checks and balanes even if President Obama tended to govern by executive order. They didn’t always get everything they wanted, despite their feelings of entitlement, but they certainly drove their party left, opening the gates to the craziness we are now seeing from that party.

Net result: Obama legacy “accompishments’ such as Obamacare, are now the cruddy bad guy to be thrown out. That’s just a little hard on the Obama administration’s collective ego.

Which brings us to that most extremist of Obamatons, his former Attorney General Eric Holder, who’s now cautioning Democrats about their open borders stance. read more

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  1. I hope the most bitter pill to swallow is the certain knowledge that he and his komrades are directly responsible for galvanizing the tea party to such a degree that we morphed into an ubiquitous and, to the Left, incomprehensible force they still can’t define for themselves. Then we elected a Manhattan billionaire who owns his own passenger jets, five star hotels and golf courses (yet eats his steaks well done and with ketchup), not because he’s a billionaire, but because he’s a thoroughly, unapologetic American patriot who is one of us.

    POTUS Trump is right. These guys aren’t gunning for him, alone. They’re coming for us.

  2. Holder has been a commie since college.
    I still want him to face a trial for
    Fast & Furious,Operation Gun Runner ETC.
    There were several such treasonous acts
    that were never investigated.

  3. I get a chuckle out Hillary saying “If that fuckin Bastard wins we’re all going to be hanging from nooses if you don’t fix this shit”
    Whether she said it or not (and I believe she did say words to that effect) you damn well know that’s exactly what they’re all thinking! I do enjoy letting them stew in their own juices of fear and guilt. Now prosecute somebody!! I guarantee you some of these empty suits will fold like a cheap deck chair from Wal-Mart and once the squealing starts, holy Hanna, Barr the door!

  4. Eric Holder was 0bama’s Joseph Goebbels with a Joseph Stalin mustache and Pablo Escobar ethics. Yet, just like 0bama, there was a cracker in his wood pile.

  5. I just read that Purdue Pharma, makers of the opioid drug OxyContin, which has killed 300,000 people 1997-2019, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    NOBODY was, or would have been discussing the epidemic of opioid overdoses until Donald trump started the discussion.

    Makes me wonder why we REALLY went to Afghanistan.

    I bet everyone here knows somebody affected by this. Compare that to ‘gun violence’. How many here have a personal connection to that?

  6. For those tempted to think, “What’s wrong with aspiring to Utopia?” a reminder: even in fiction, Utopia was a slave state.


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