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The latest act of ‘sports-fan misbehavior’

I know no one cares much about sports nowadays, but :

From ESPN:

A fan ran onto the court and jumped up and touched the backboard during game play at Capital One Arena in the Philadelphia 76ersWashington Wizards playoff game Monday night.

What had me cracking up was this quote:

“This is not a game or some s— you can just do whatever you want to do and run around,” Wizards guard Russell Westbrook said after Washington’s 122-114 win. “This is our job, and we take our job very seriously.”

LMAO! Yes it is. Only you guys get paid to do it.
Link to article: Fan runs onto court during Washington Wizards’ Game 4 win over Philadelphia 76ers in latest act of misbehavior (

h/t Joe6pak.

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  1. “This is not a game or some s— you can just do whatever you want to do and run around,”

    …imagine the riots is a White person said this…

  2. Hey Russell. Take a deep breath, fella. You wear garish kid’s clothes, bounce a ball and you’re called a Wizard. And the guy didn’t steal your Bentley.

  3. LMAO — it seems that about a dozen fans are showing the same respect for NBA players that the players have shown fans for years and the players don’t like it. I love watching snowflakes melt.

  4. Read these quotes
    “They have no fear,” Wizards coach Scott Brooks said. “I don’t know the law. But I just know you shouldn’t be able to do that and get away with it and just be kicked out because we all know you can dress different and look different and get into an arena.”
    “Stay home. Your thinking is barbaric.”
    What if a person said that about antifa or Burn, Loot, Murder? That would be “RACIST!”

  5. Pro sports went to the dark side and is dead except for the screaming of the last few die hard fans. If every pro team on earth disappeared tomorrow I wouldn’t notice for months.

  6. Corporate ad money corrupted the sport, as it has in all sports. It has given the athletes a false sense of importance. Sports, as with other forms of entertainment, are nothing more than a distraction for real working people – real contributors – to take their minds off their day-to-day issues.

    Your contribution to society is grossly over stated and over paid. You occupy a lower rung on the ladder of civilization building.

    The best thing that this Woke/BLM/scamdemic manufactured scandal and crises have done for me is to completely kill my love of sports and entertainment. As long as you feel the need to tell me your political views, I feel no need to consume your product.

  7. The last two movies I have seen were Clint Eastwood movies. The last one was about the Atlanta Olympics bombing. Probably two years ago. The Clinster may not make any more, which will make a clear break for me from the sick movie industry.

  8. “This is not a game or some s— you can just do whatever you want to do and run around,”

    no, if you run around and do whatever you want, that’s a BLM “peaceful protest”

  9. Sports, Hollywood, The music industry all feel it is their duty to preach political prudence and social morals to people who don’t want to hear it from them.
    So many people like me have given up on them, me a long time ago and I never run out of things to do and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Life is beautiful without the nonsense!

  10. SF Giant players are wearing the perv rainbow emblem on their uniforms. This is the coup-de-grace for major league sports, administered to itself.

    Done with it. America’s pastime no more.

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