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The Latest Dirt On Chipotle



Chipotle Hires Illegals From Mexico–And Gets E. Coli With Them (Eat At Chick-Fil-A Instead!)

Here’s another reason not to eat at Chipotle. Besides the fact that Chipotle’s business model is based on illegal immigration, the food Chipotle serves will kill you. It has had a problem with sanitation and safe food handling for some time.

And that is undoubtedly related to its hiring practices favoring illegal aliens from Third World countries with no tradition or expectation of personal hygiene.  (As’s James Fulford has pointed out, many Mexican immigrants have either never heard of, or don’t believe in, the Germ Theory of Disease.) And the problem is getting worse.

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  1. Listened to CNBC yesterday blathering on and on about Chipotle’s shit sammich problems, and they just could not figure out, for the life of them, how all these other restaurant chains manage to serve clean food.

  2. VDARE shorting the stock? I’ve never seen Mexicans at my local store.

    I will say that food born illnesses have been on the rise for me in the last 20 years. I have cut down on eating out, and I try to find out who works in the kitchens where I go.

  3. This Chipotle debacle is a fine allegory for the principles of liberalism.

    They sound good, they look good, they might even taste good, for a while.

    But eventually you realize they cost too much for what you get and are generally full of crap.

  4. My local Chipotle stores are about half Starbucks hipster baristas and half Walmart cashier brujas. Not too sure about the hygiene of either.

  5. My friend used to be a manager at a local Chipotle. When they got a notice that ICE was going to stage a raid, they would fire all the illegals then hire them back when the raid was complete.

    She complained about this many times to corporate and they did nothing. She told me it was corporate’s policy. She quit.

  6. i don’t remember the details of a local story I caught on the news about Chipotle but 1. They were whining about their inability to remain “sustainable” after this mess and 2. They were going to wash the onions now with boiling water.


  7. The place is essentially a feel good liberal cesspool, the most tasteless Ameri-Mexi food I’ve had, simply the worst. I refused for years to go back and pay double for something so unsatisfying. However short on options while out and about, I last visited Chipotle about 5 years ago. It was a busy location and as I placed my order they ran out of beef, I had to wait for a “fresh” batch, no big deal I thought.

    Then I sat down to eat my burrito and found it was filled with undercooked gristle instead of beef, I’ll starve before I walk into another Chipotle.

  8. Well stated!!!

    I just want to add that I am encouraging all my Progrehhhhhh-sive friends and family members to eat in solidarity with their fellow travelers at Chitpolé in this time of need. Hell, I encourage them to put actions to their feeeeeeelings and eat there 3-4 times a week.

    Needless to say, their “gut” tells them to stay away. So much for Lefties and their “causes”.

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