The Left Embraces the Logic of Fascism


PJM-To all those on Twitter and the like who call Ben Shapiro “whiny” or a coward because he openly protests against being manhandled and threatened, let me explain something to you just so you know…

The logic of fascism is this: “Your X constitute[s] an act of violence, so I’m justified in using violence against you.” For X, you can fill in just about anything except actual violence. Some of the more popular choices are: “Words; Opinions; Positions; Race; Presence; Borders; Jewishness.” Once you equate any of these things — anything — with violence, once you feel justified in committing violence in response, your actual positions no longer matter. You’re a thug. You’re a fascist. You’re a tyrant, petty or otherwise. You no longer have a place at the discussion table.  MORE

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  1. There was an idiot leftist the other day commenting on a case of two enviro-terrorist who went around the nation releasing mink and destroying property.

    He tried to argue that laws allowing mink ranches was bad law and therefore one was justified in violating the law.

    I agreed and stated that Planned Parenthood had better watch out.

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