The Left’s Hatred of July Fourth Explained


Progressives have made an industry out of blaming America for all that’s wrong with the world and an expected by product of that sentiment is their disdain for the 4th of July.

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The left’s dislike for expressions of patriotism has been well documented, so I’ll just refer you to a recent article from the progressive site Salon…

Those 4th of July fireworks spectaculars are causing huge spikes in dangerous air pollution

The most important lesson you learn on the environment beat is that nearly everything we humans do has consequences, oftentimes dangerous ones. And according to a new study from scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, that includes celebrating our nation’s independence with fireworks displays, which cause levels of harmful particle pollution to spike significantly each July 4th.

Millions of Americans are looking forward to hot dogs, hamburgers, glow sticks and fireworks this weekend but the left is trying to rain on the party. Why?



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  1. I think the Lefties can show their patriotism and their support for Gay Rights this year by helping hold the fireworks while they go off. Specifically, by holding them in the same manner as the Fanny Flambeaux doll.

    “Fire in the hole…!”

    ; D

  2. Ever have it out with a progressive over fireworks?

    Talk about absolute lack of mechanical and environmental awareness. No reasonable logic other than they’re scared of them and something will definitely catch fire.

    They’re also the cop callers.

  3. I have wanted to start an internet rumor for years that al doom and gloom gore wanted to ban fireworks because they cause global warming, as a joke. Now these idiots go and prove my point. What a joke. One volcanic eruption out spews more than every 4th of July work ever shot off. Mankind’s biggest ego trip ever is to think we have control over global weather.

  4. I can’t afford fireworks, thanks to my insane health insurance premiums (thanks, Obamacare!), so I’m just going to burn some tires and asphalt roof shingles.

  5. Last 4th of July I got suckered into a week in Pine Mountain, California. It hasn’t rained there in like 6 years or something stupid. So of course no fireworks. BUT, we had the party poppers (the things you hold in your hand and pull a string and confetti comes out) for the kids. Within 30 seconds of the kids pulling a few of them, the neighbors were all yelling a storm calling us, “f*cking idiots, you’re going to burn the whole place down!!” — Cops were there in 2 minutes and shut us right down. My wife pulled me inside, as there were a few choice words I had for the cops. What a racket that place is. We spent 4th of July looking at a fireworks app on the phone.

  6. Can you imagine being married to one of these people? How do they have the energy to get out of bed? They are miserable, spiteful, Prozac fueled, hateful, racist, unproductive know-nothings who have no idea the freedoms they have here yet continue to bring this nation down.

  7. Assuming that the progressive part of town is downwind from the fireworks, you might take heart with every red, white, and blue aerial display.

    The colors in fireworks (or any flame for that matter) come from different minerals. Although there are choices to be made, you should know that for those three colors you could use:

    red – mercury – Heavy metal poisoning causes brain damage. “Mad Hatters” used to be common because they used mercury to make felt cloth.

    white – beryllium – This substitutes for magnesium in human biochemistry, and generally screws things up badly to the point that about 1/3 of berylliosis patients die.

    blue – lead – zOMG! Paint chips! Stupid children!

    I don’t really believe these are the elements used in modern fireworks, so

    Have a Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

    – but stay upwind just in case. (-:

  8. Had a couple of nasty, hard-core, Obama-voting, Leftist lesbos across the street a few years ago who called the cops accusing me of shooting fireworks AT their house, which my neighbor and I absolutely were not doing. Since the cops were always over at their little Island of Misfit Toys for their constant screaming and fighting they basically ignored them. They have since split up and moved on to other neighborhoods to cause trouble…
    anyway every time I strike a match on the Fourth I’ll be saying: “Fcuk You Leftards! Deal with it! We’re tired of yer shit! “

  9. I read something just a few days ago that people just seeing an American flag are more likely to vote Republican. I think the reason, for fireworks displays as well, is simply that they remind people to think. And thinking is devastating to the Left.

    So that gives us some direction too. Show the flag, everywhere and all the time!

  10. The fire does look more spectacular at night, but the huge clouds of black smoke aren’t nearly as dramatic as during the daytime. Maybe if I start burning late in the afternoon, everyone can enjoy both!

  11. Don’t you know that confetti is very hot? It must be, because you see it whenever there’s a New Year’s toast.

    ; }

  12. Their motivation for getting out of bed in the morning is their belief that they need to meddle in other peoples’ business and tell everyone else what to do.

  13. “…their little Island of Misfit Toys..” HAHAHAHA!! That’s hilarious. Perfect description of all of the lesbians I’ve known, as well as ongoing, infantile, group-think gatherings to make themselves think they are part of a massive and glorious group. They aren’t. They are a tiny, sad, minority.

  14. The Left doesn’t hate all holiday dates. Yes, they HATE Independence Day and June 6 and Christmas and Hanukkah.

    But the LOVE Fake Holiday Kwanzaa, they adore April 20 Earth Day (same day as Lenins Birthday and this was no coincidence by the billions-funded professional Environmentalism Industry), they love Cinco De Mayo and they love May 1st – the intenrational holiday for Communism

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