The Man Who Definitely Can’t Beat Trump

Sultan Knish:

The Weld 2020 campaign site features an old photo and raw video of his campaign announcement. It’s early July and the latest update on the site is from the beginning of May. That’s incompetence as usual in the hopeless campaign by the former Massachusetts governor which is being run by his stepson. 

The Never Trumper competing against President Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination claimed back in March that he could “start Monday in the Oval Office.” Three months later, he barely has a website. 

Back then, Weld dismissed talk of Trump’s popularity by saying that, “six months is forever in national politics”. That’s true. But no amount of forevers would allow the former Libertarian VP to beat Trump. An Emerson poll in February, before the beginning of his campaign, showed Weld polling at 15% against Trump. After a month of campaigning, the USA Today poll in June dropped Weld down to 5%. 

William Floyd Weld seems to have taken the message of the polls to heart by campaigning as little as possible. The fewer Never Trumper Republicans actually encounter him, the more likely they might be to vote for him. When asked why he was running against Trump, Weld ranted about the Mueller report, and concluded with, “I would have pursued an indictment of the President of the United States for obstruction of Justice.” Indeed, he seems to have spent as much running against Mueller, as Trump. 

Even starting out, Weld had announced that he didn’t expect to win Republican votes in the Republican primaries for the Republican presidential nomination. 

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  1. Who…? What….? No chance against my President you dummy! Is Lamont his son?

    Looks like a certain former Notre Dame football coach.

  2. I hope someone funds Jeb Bush or John Kaisich’s campaign in 2020!

    I love seeing fools waste millions of dollars for nothing. It’s what they deserve.

  3. William Weld and George Will. There’s a pair of Never Trumpers to draw to. Two deuces or two dunces? If Weld throws his weight behind Senator Michael Bennet, watch out! Nothing but the voters and Macedonian Content Farmers can stop Bennet if Weld and Will join forces to rid the Republicans of the Great Usurper

  4. Is this the “What’s Aleppo?” guy?
    Or just some other no-name fleck of whale dreck?

    So many clowns – it’s like being lost in a Ringling Bros “Twilight Zone.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. The liberals had their day in the GOP from ’88 to 2015. Now they can wait a few yers.

    There is a very good reason GWB has not been to a national convention in 15 years!


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