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The Mystery of Montana’s Toilet Man

Vice: Last week, a striking image appeared on Reddit’s r/WellThatSucks forum. The photo, taken from a voyeuristic angle by someone standing outside of a rural concrete outhouse, shows a man protruding out of a hole in the ground inside, resting on his elbows with the rest of him dangling out of sight underground, very obviously too large to shimmy out of this hole on his own. His face has been mercifully censored with a black scribble. A pile of denim—presumably every piece of clothing this man had on his body before taking a dive—is hooked to the back of the open door. 

The photo’s caption tells the story: “Guy dropped his phone into a pit toilet. Decided to take his clothes off and dive in. Got stuck and wasn’t found until the next day. He never got the phone.” 

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  2. HOLY SHIT, if that lie passes for a story, I could get very rich from making up crap that would have absolutely NO validity what-so-ever.

    If there is no limit to the lying that is acceptable…..OH FUCK, I could conjure up stories that would make you repent everything you did since puberty and before.

  3. I’ll wait for Paul Harvey to fill in the details. It’s like an embezzler, what they cop to is only 5-10% at best.

  4. About 15 years ago I was at a work all day meeting, and during a break a woman came rushing into the conference room very upset, saying her phone was wet and going nuts. Some nice guy (not me) took her phone, put in on a table and popped the battery cover off. Then a bunch of water ran out of the phone all over his hands and the table. At that instant he looked up at the woman and asked where the phone got all the water and she sheepishly said “I dropped it in the toilet”.

  5. I have one rule if I absolutely have to use an outhouse as a pitstop of last resort to empty everything out of my pockets, so I don’t lose anything down the shitter. I did lose a flip phone once at the truck stop in Ritzville, Wash. when I stopped to take a pee and answered the phone while taking a leak and it flew out of my hands into the urinal, scratch one flip phone. My kids thought that was funny as hell, now if someone calls me when I am using the toilet or urinal, I answer it after I finish doing my business.

  6. Hold up . . . I say it’s Vindman Dollar Crawing telephonetictokalee with msNBC’s lawyers BeavIS & ButTHead on 8 at night cartoon networks.

  7. Here’s a guy arrested for crawling into the business end of a latrine to watch women taking a dump from the underside. Or as democrats would call it, “a legitimate form of sexual expression.”

  8. This tale recalls an incident way back when in Basic-AIT, during the first week-long FTX. Our platoon Sad Sack’s weapon slid off the field expedient four-holer’s seat down into the pit. Our Drill made him strip, and we had to lower him down to retrieve it, then pull him back up. For the rest of the week, we not only had to deal with his enhanced ambiance…no showers until we got back to the Quads…but we each and every one lived in terror of the same thing happening to us. Construction quality was iffy and definitely low bid.



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