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The Nashville School Shooter’s Manifesto Released

[NASHVILLE – Nov. 06, 2023] Louder with Crowder is publishing three pages of the long-awaited Nashville transgender mass shooter’s manifesto. These pages of the manifesto were exclusively obtained by MugClub Undercover. The never-before-seen manifesto details how Audrey Hale planned to carry out the targeted massacre.

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  1. Sending your troubled kid to a Christian school has it’s drawbacks. They couldn’t fix your kid, she was a bad seed from the moment of conception. She fixed herself permanently.

  2. I’d like some back story. What therapist convinced him he was a her? Who first prescribed medications? Who pressed the idea that white privilege is anything but another made up idea, to promote more racism?

  3. The mayor, but launching an investigation into the leak has just unwittingly confirmed the leaked pages are real. Now watch as the usual suspects spin ever more preposterous lies and then just give up and try to put Crowder in prison on some horrendously trumped up bullshit charge.

    These people do not work for us. They hate us. They want us dead. They want us cowed, helpless, and hopeless; so they can eventually unleash a slaughter on us.

  4. I say Bravo! In a time where pretend women are showing up biological women in atheletic competition, I find it refreshing that pretend men are stepping up and over performing in what generally is a purely male dominated arena. Keep training, ladies. Range time, range time, range time. You’ll achieve the equality you seek.

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaand itz a nuther freak from the Island of Busted-Ass Toyz!

    Buuuuuuuuuuuut the left sez kids will commit suicide if they are prevented from identifying as the opposite sex!!

    Gee Wally, looks like itz the other way around, huh!

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