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The New GreeNazi

 iOTWreport “Earth Day” Perennial Gets a Big Update!

Updated 10th Anniversary version of one of our first posts ever.
For 9 years GreeNazi featured AlGore, the Founding Father of Fake Forecasting. We never thought there’d ever come a day when we’d see a bigger climate lunatic, but we were wrong. So, this year we pass the Torch of Lunacy to AOC.
How can you do your part on this so-called “Earth Day”? Easy! Any time you get an email today from some business or individual telling you to “go green” for Earth Day, or some similar crap, reply to them with this graphic and tell them they’ve earned a subscription to GreeNazi magazine!

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  1. Kommrades, today I celebrate by flushing all my unused latex paint down the toilet and tossing all recyclables into the wrong bin.

    Today is my birthday. But I was born before “Earth Day” was created. Several years ago I celebrated by having an 80 foot cypress cut down on the corner of my lot because I didn’t like it.

  2. 🎵happy birthday 🎵Abigail.sorry for the loss of your tree,the shade from a tree could have saved you from the horers of global warming sun shine.😉

  3. AbigailAdams – wish I could flush my paint down the toilet, but we’re on septic. Taking it to the dump is a nightmare. And I have to ask why? It’s water based paint. What’s the big deal.

    Yeah – founder of Earth Day Ira Einhorn composted his girlfriend in a trunk.

  4. Happy Birthday to AA and Dianny!

    And Earth Day is a bunch of hooey. When the left stole the environmental movement from just clean air and clean land, they made it into a socialist control movement. I have always resisted being told what to do. I will not comply.

  5. @ Adrienne…

    The “big deal” is all those nasty additives in paint that the grubbermint STILL allows even though they know that some of those additives give people cancer, like BENZINE.

    Even in small doses benzine can poison you and once it takes hold inside you the benzine poisoning forces your immune system to begin pumping out cancer cells instead of white blood cells and WHAMO! you got Leukemia just like i did.

    So, pouring toxic substances down you toilet makes your life easier but you are knowingly flushing toxic chemicals into your local environment that can give animals as well as people cancer so why not get rid of it the right way and save a life or two instead of causing untold suffering through your callous disregard of proper disposal procedures?

  6. “Can benzene be found in paint?

    Benzene is produced naturally by volcanoes and forest fires. In homes, benzene may be found in glues, adhesives, cleaning products, paint strippers, tobacco smoke and gasoline. Most benzene in the environment comes from our use of petroleum products. Benzene quickly evaporates from water or soil.”

    Benzene | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

  7. Earth Day same day as Lenin’s birthday. of course, greenies are green on the outside, red on the inside. Darn it, I forgot to rent a searchlight, and the only tires I have to burn are still on the car.


  8. In the people’s republic of METRO (PDX) you can take latex paint to the Hazardous Waste Facility (ha! yeah, Hazardous!)for Free in small quantities. If you let it dry in the can you can just toss it in the trash. The good thing is the paint is recycled and resold for a very good price. It is my favorite paint to use.

    Claudia is right–I hate to admit I’m an “environmentalist” now because it makes you sound like a freak.

  9. Happy Birthday Abigail and Dianny !

    I wasn’t going to drink today..But what the heck !!!!!

    Oh, and I moved some Earth around today !!! (with a Bobcat, of course)

  10. Thanks, Kommrades, for the Happy Birthday wishes! And Happy Birthday to you, Dianny!

    (I DON’T flush paint down the toilet — that was a joke. I do clean my latex brushes in the sink, however, and so some paint is going into the sewer and then on to the sewage treatment plant. I guess the operative word there is “treatment”.)

    Isn’t Einhorn the guy who killed his girlfriend and stuffed her body into the wall of his apartment or something? That wasn’t very “green” of him.


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