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The Next Distraction: Meat Supplier Suffers Cyber Attack, Biden Blames Russia

Is this the way they will push us to go vegan?


JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, has been hit with a major cyber attack.

The attack has reportedly crippled the meat giant, which controls about 20% of the U.S. beef and pork slaughtering capacity.

As a result of the attack, large US and Canadian meat plants canceled shifts Tuesday, threatening to disrupt meat supply and further inflate food prices.

The White House has contacted major meat processors across the US to notify them of the incident and assess “any impact on supply,” principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said aboard Air Force One. She added that the FBI is investigating the hacking.

“The president has directed the administration to determine what we can do to mitigate any impacts as they may become necessary,” she said.

The Biden administration says it has contacted Russia, claiming the attack likely originated there, according to Reuters.

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  1. Wait a sec … you can’t slaughter a steer and cut it up without the computer telling you to?
    WTF did people do before? Just sit around with their hands in their laps?

    We’re fucking helpless.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. “The Biden administration says it has contacted Russia, claiming the attack likely originated there”

    The Russians give less of a f*ck about what we think now than they did during the Cold War, thanks to Xho Bai’Den. Putin is sitting there laughing at us as his hackers rob the country blind. They know there will be no repercussions with Xho pretending to be President.

  3. NN2N1 – My thoughts exactly! A nuther puzzle piece that fits right in with the Leftist agenda! Anyone who believes in coincidences with this administration is lost in fairyland! A real President would have a handle on this shit and be taking serious action!

  4. You just know that cutting off oil and meat are climate cult agendas, and the climate cult owns the fucking US intelligence agencies. It should be pretty fucking obvious that the NSA is behind this. And just watch for red states to start being subject to “cyberassaults” in the next election. This is such fucking bullshit.

  5. I don’t have a crystal ball or anything, but I would bet good money that we’ll never hear of a Cyber Attack creating supply line problems with Hunter’s coke requirements!

  6. What’s next? The chicken houses? No, that would put too many illegals out of work.

    And ain’t it weird how the meat-packing pkants were covid superspreaders?

    Beef. It’s what’s for narrative.

  7. Good grief. How did meat manage to get processed and distributed only a couple decades ago.

    Get out of the stupid “cloud”. Get your networks off line. There is no good reason for absolutely everything to be interconnected and connected to the internet.

    It is time for companies to start getting a clue. The globalists who sell you the “convenience” of backing everything into their clouds (their computer systems) and enabling your employees wherever to access absolutely everything from wherever they may be in the world are putting you ultimately at the mercy of gkw.

    At the least, start isolating sectors of data that do not require constant access — such as company personnel and financial records — on closed separate systems. Preferably wired, not wireless. Regularly back up websites and inventory, customer distribution systems and schedules to a separate closed off line network that only you control. Give some concerted thought to what actually needs to be floating around in instant availability and hire a few people to continually move and then wipe what doesn’t. Worst case: someone has to retrieve some specific information with a thumbdrive from a closed system and upload only that to a temporary accessible webserver so that someone else in another location can get it. “Inconvenience is relative.” How “inconvenient” or expensive would it be to be completely wiped out.

    This is getting so unbelievably ridiculous already. CEOs call in computer consultants and management consultants and get sold on some very dangerous ideas.

  8. Gee Wally, isn’t it amazing what you can get away with if you just blame Russia?

    No kidding Beave, you’d think Americans would finally catch on after a while…

  9. Russia, Russia, Russia.

    If you run an UNSECURE network, it’s not the fault of anyone other than YOURSELF. The blame game continues.

    Hey, at least us “un-American” (non-dumbocrat voters) people can stand behind Russia and let them take some blame. We’re next in line though when it’s discovered Russia didn’t do shit.

  10. Online because of disease tracking, refrigeration records, time & expire dates etc. All the legal regs. etc.

    Any one with a small non commercial family farm gives NO FUCKS!

    But still, this is what happens when a Superpower is perceived as weak.

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