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The only verdict that matters is at the ballot box on November 5th

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  1. I fear they will perform one of those “no-knock”, swat team events at 5AM and there will be a shootout between the storm troopers and secret service.
    All hell will break out nationwide if that happens.

  2. Which is going to be rigged again…
    We also now have over 11 Million illegals in the country that the Demoncrats are registering to vote contrary to the Constitution. So now the Demoncrats are saying DJT is a convicted felon and cannot run for President or Vote according to the Constitution. OK you worthless republicans how about something better than a ‘strongly worded letter’

  3. @ Jethro: I don’t trust the Secret Service to do their job. Caligula’s Secret Service (Praetorian Guard) killed him. Every part of the federal government is under the control of fanatical criminals. Why not the Secret Service too?
    I hope and pray for President Trump’s safety.

  4. (((Goldman Sachs))) is already predicting that the country won’t know who the next President will be on Nov. 5. It could take “weeks” of recounts. How would they possibly know this unless it’s already the plan?

    It was never a mystery that they would convict Trump.

    It was never a mystery that they’ll imprison Trump.

    It’s not a mystery that the next election (and all others afterward) will be a complete fucking joke.

    Stop pretending like we live under any kind of system that is even remotely fucking fair or just because we simply do not and probably have not for a very very long time.

  5. My wife, who grew up in the Soviet Union, called me in tears about the Trump verdict. She couldn’t believe this was happening here.
    We can predict what will happen next in the USA by what Stalin did in the 1930’s.

  6. The Trump Trial Travesty is done. It’s up to us now to stand with DJT and do what blogger Nitzakhon has long espoused:

    “I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.

    The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies!”

  7. I think we’re all whistling past the graveyard right now. All these pundits saying “Trump just won the election.” Are the same ones talking about the kraken and all the other hopium after the 2020 election.
    There will not be an election. I firmly believe that between now and Nov 5th there will be a coordinated terrorist attack that will “force” us to go under Marshall law.
    I am also done believing that the military has sworn an oath to defend the constitution and they will abide by that oath.
    I have no doubt that if this government ordered US troops to fire on civilians they would do it without question.
    And let me save you the trouble, No I’m not doing anything. I’m a 65 year old cancer survivor with one kidney, one good leg and one good arm. I know I’m useless.

  8. This sadly reminds me of those old childish book names we used to joke about…
    – changed for the situation:
    On the Republican book shelf: “Five Months To The Election” by Willie Makit.
    On the democRAT book shelf: “One Month To Go” by Betty Wont.

    Seriously tho, we are now officially living in The New Communism of the 21st Century where the the rule of law means nothing and the constitution is just an old piece of paper to them. This “judgement” has given them free license to run roughshod over any opposition and the American people. This ruling party will do whatever they want, whenever they want and whatever it takes to stay in power and control. Hope for the best, but expect the worst.

  9. Notice all the cities that were burned to the ground last night? What more proof do we need to prove that BLM and antifa are bought, paid, and organized by the left?

  10. I’ve seen enough in my 75 years to expect the worst to happen. And it usually does. When they pushed mail in voting through it was their key to win any election they want. They just keep counting until they get enough votes counted to win.

  11. biden* just gave a presser on the Middle East.
    These assholes are so fucking transparent.
    Trump called joe* an idiot and worst president ever so they trot the cadaver out to make him look “presidential” and in control.
    He failed.

  12. “^^^simple math….somewhere near 27 million fake votes.”

    And I keep hearing Team Retard has a specific number in mind for “new arrivals”. And that number is 33 million. That’s how votes they figure they need this time around. Question is, how are they going to make those 33 million votes legal. Or does that matter anymore?

  13. Won’t matter in your hill of beans. What you fail to comprehend is the vast majority of Americans showed in 2020 is hell no to your fallen one. If you think for one minute this has magically changed, just be prepared for it will be, it was stolen part 2. Your motherfuker is a idiot to the extreme.

  14. ” Your motherfuker is a idiot to the extreme.”

    Yea, remember those out of control fuel prices under Trump? And groceries. Nobody could afford to eat. And the wars were just out of control. And the damn illegal aliens that he gave $9,000.00, a free cell phone and free health care. Of course none of it was free. We paid for it. Whew, thanks for reminding us how bad things were. You fucking dumb shit.

  15. Grow up, but butt but my butt hurts. I wanna live in the past, whimper, whimper. I want I want I want, well there you go you got about as much of the past as your ever gonna get, it’s all about me me me me. What a fuckin crybaby toddler.

  16. These trolls have to be part of team retard. Who else would defend the slobbering, shitting, diaper killing old fool? And they’re eager for the destruction of traditional America. Amazing.


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