The Outrage Machine is cranking up again

Patriot Retort: I’ve been having the best time reading through all the angry, sputtering tweets from the ResistanceLOL over the Senate Republicans not wanting witnesses.  Yup.  The same folks who have been screaming helplessly at the sky since November 9, 2016 are cranking up the Outrage Machine once again.

And reading their tear-stained rage tweets has been all kinds of fun!

The same people who proclaimed our “democracy” was destroyed because of Net Neutrality, Tax Cuts, the travel ban, Stormy Daniels, Kavanaugh, and Mueller’s failure to perform are now cranking up the Outrage Machine while bemoaning the destruction of our “democracy.”

Yes sir.  Our “democracy” is being destroyed by those evil Republicans who are engaging in a “cover-up” by not agreeing to salvage Adam Schiff’s disastrous Impeachment Porn.

And not just our DEMOCRACY!!!  They are SHREDDING THE CONSTITUTION!!!!


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  1. I carry. I will be sure every moment I can I will do so. Especially this silly election season.

    Leftists / Democrats / Socialists / Progressives / Bernie Bros / Antifa / Communists are all evil and violent. I see temper tantrums on the horizon.

  2. Me and Mac at work today were noticing how quiet it was outside. Away from traffic, concentrations of people, just outside,yanno’?

    Same thing with these idiots if you put it in perspective. Pull the plug on electronic media and they cease to exist.

    They only have power if you allow them to have it.

  3. Medical centers may be over burdened with suicide attempts or police having to clean up after successful ones.

  4. On a happier note, Girl Scout cookies are on sale and the new lemon ones taste just like Meyers lemon cake.

    However, now I know why each cookie is emblazoned with a positive message. You need all the help you can get to finish just ONE of these yellow frosted murder cookies.

    Yeah, I know what you’re all sayin’, “I CAN EAT A WHOLE BOX”…. no… no you can’t. Not these. I’ve had two and hope I never see another round four pound diabetes cookie.

    Until later tonight when I get hungry.

  5. And not just our DEMOCRACY!!! They are SHREDDING THE CONSTITUTION!!!


    Could someone please figure out how to explain this to an IDIOT.

  6. I’ve been repeating this quote a lot lately in response to the continuously outraged dems; “No amount of evidence (or lack thereof) will ever persuade an idiot.” – Mark Twain
    The edit in parentheses is mine.

  7. Between now and the end of the year, head-shrinkers will get so many new clients that they will get as fat as ticks after a huge meal of blood, and the suicide hot lines will be operating full blast 24/7.

    I predict things will get so bad that the suicide hot line operators will start killing themselves…

    Eat it all up, stupid leftists.


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