The Pope thanks Fidel Castro for his contributions to world peace – IOTW Report

The Pope thanks Fidel Castro for his contributions to world peace

pope francis

BabaluBlog– Pope thanks Fidel Castro for: “his contributions to world peace in a world saturated with hate and aggression” (I am NOT making this up!)

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  1. Lighten up, Francis. My relationship with the Lord doesn’t hinge on some ‘vicar of Christ’.

    Vicar as in vicarious, in the place of…

    No sale. I pray only in the name of Jesus Christ.

  2. Off the top of my head, Castro…

    …fomented civil war in Angola

    …tried to annex Grenada

    …supported the Saninistas in Nicaragua

    ..and something about a Cuban Missile Crisis

    …but whatever, Peoples’ Pope. Why don’t you just ditch the mitre for a Che beret?

  3. If I had the graphic tools (and skills), I’d take one of those heroic-looking Che! images and superimpose the Pope’s face on it. It would make a great T-shirt.

    Anybody here got Photoshop…?


  4. This Bergoglio jackass isn’t Pope, he is a Jesuit infiltrator, an Obama with a croizer and a miter. A wicked and evil man who subscribes to a wicked and evil world view.

    Progressives are progressives, first last and always. The progressive movement is all in for increased innocent human suffering, misery and death. There is nothing compassionate about progressivism or progressive policies and people need to wake up, pay attention and study what the progressive movement has backed over the course of the last century and then not ever again concede “good intentions” to progressives.

    They need to be called out for what they have done and the way to do that is to expose what they have done and NEVER EVER concede that “good intentions” is an acceptable excuse for their participation in evil.

  5. Would you abandon your Holy Mother if she got catastrophically sick? Cuz that’s what’s happening here. The Church is sick. Suffering from a preponderance of marxism and perversion. She needs our help to cure her. Not our money, but our prayers.

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