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The real reason Lindsey Graham was a colonel in the Air Force Reserve


AmericanThinker– Lindsey Graham retired as a colonel in the Air Force reserve, but by his own admission he didn’t do very much.  Craig Whitlock writes in the Washington Post:

During his first decade in Congress, the Air Force promoted Graham twice even though documents in his military personnel file reveal that he did little or no work. Later, the Pentagon gave the military lawyer a job assignment in the Air Force Reserve that he highlighted in his biography for several years but never performed.

If someone in the private sector put a false history on his resume, he would be fired.  But Lindsey was promoted.

… he rarely put on his uniform. According to his personnel file, between January 1995 and January 2005 he received credit for a total of 108 hours of training — the equivalent of less than a day and a half per year.  MORE

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  1. did he claim to be in Vietnam like blumenthal?
    they all love the honor bestowed for being in the service but then lets the va treat their fellow vets like dirt.

  2. little lord font-leroy.
    sissyman promoted for being in the reserves and doing nothing.
    Disgraces the rank and those who really “earned” it.

    Not to mention the hefty retirement as a Colonel PLUS his Senate retirement…..double dipping…..theft of government funds for doing nothing.

  3. I was with Col. Graham when he, single-handedly, took Wun Long Dong back in 64! The screaming! The shouting! The explosions! You can’t imagine the intertwined bodies, writhing!

  4. In the military there’s a saying, “We take care of our own” — and it unfortunately also means that every under- and non-performing piece of brass gets that final promotion to colonel before retiring and it’s ALL about their pension. They take care of their own, alright.

  5. His handler outed him as a homo? That makes Graham a Deep State asset.

    That’s his job, to push war and weapons for the MIC. Pictures of him sucking underage cock keep him in line.

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