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The Red Pill Revolution

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I’ve been fond of the red pill-blue pill formulation to describe what is happening with non-liberals in America. It’s popular with the hobbits of the Dark Enlightenment so I never use the terminology, but it is a good way to describe what is happening. It’s not disillusionment. That’s just a precursor to a healthy cynicism. What we’re seeing today is more of an awakening, where people suddenly confront a truth they used to think was nonsense.
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  1. More like angry Americans who want to get America back to a more traditional model with a quickness, and want a conservative candidate to represent it.

  2. I think the theme song to this aspect of the campaign season is “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”! Maybe Cruz or Trump should play it at their rallies, for it sure sums up what’s going on that’s got the establishment shitting a brick.

  3. Bingo! This is the revolution we have been waiting for – just not the way we expected:

    “Trump is leading a revolution, whether he knows it or not. Maybe that’s why guys like George Will are suddenly incontinent over Trump.”

  4. the Fourth Sander(son) sister Bernie Mae just got caught in the ringers for misappropriation of donations to his family, Hilldebeest in the fire over her alleged deletions, cover ups, lies, more lies, and yet to come implications in the murders of all those dead bodies following behind *Stick my finger in and Hipp ohips” bus to nowhere… aaaaaaaah.

  5. Everyone needs to lighten up. I used to not read or listen to many so called conservative writers and political pundits like Krauthammer and Will until I discovered that they were just like those folks on Saturday Night Live and other fake political humor shows. They act and talk pedantic as a ruse. They are very anti-intellectual and like to play act any serious topic for a laugh by acting ultra serious! They make excellent money play acting smart, know it all clowns like those nerds on the Big Bang Theory! Relax and join in their fun by seeing the humor in their words, deeds and expressions! A good laugh is actually good medicine!

  6. Unlike the Perot phenomenon, the Trump wave is as much about the general disgust with Conservative Inc. (strikethrough – replace with RINO Inc.) and the mainstream media as it is about populist outrage.

    From the article. I couldn’t post on it from my work computer. So, there. I fix it for ya, and posted it here.

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