The Secret Winning Card Up Trump’s Sleeve

While the Democratic presidential primary candidates appear to fall short when it comes to a sense of humor on the campaign trail, Larry takes a look at two of our nation’s presidents who managed to get people laughing, although with very different styles of comedy.

10 Comments on The Secret Winning Card Up Trump’s Sleeve

  1. I got to the 4:01 part
    ‘you can not go to a 7-11 or Dunking-Donuts’
    and lost my shit a true classic,,,
    Yet, did Larry get a face pull, face lift, face tug, face fire hose, whats up with that?
    Does not appear to be the same Larry,,
    Well worth the watch!

  2. Ah, loved the bit near the end describing zombies as resurrected dead, walking around blindly with dead eyes, without purpose, not knowing or caring what they do. Then Bob Hope asks. “You mean democrats?”

  3. A keen sense of humor is based on an acute intellect, sense of timing, and emotional IQ of an audience. A a very stable genius would say Demonrats display none of these qualities…

  4. I choked on my coffee and had to pause and regroup after the clip when the very stable genius ever so causally mentioned that Hillary accidentally bumped into him and said, “pardon me.”

  5. Too bad he left out some of the gems by the wordsmith Barky Obozo. Although unintentional he had people rolling on the floor with his skewering of words while delivering them with that nose raised high in the air.

  6. Wow.

    Americans don’t care if something is outlawed, but Americans will go batshit insane if something is legal.

    Americans don’t care when someone is arrested, but Americans lose their minds when someone is released from prison.

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