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The Spawn of Vader Makes Out Like a Chinese Bandit

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Liz Cheney will exit her congressional seat today after becoming a much wealthier woman than before she arrived in congress. Breitbart News has reported that her net worth ballooned from an estimated $7 million when she first took office in 2017 to an estimated more than $40 million in 2020….. on a $174K salary….. reporting no earned income, gifts, or transactions.

However, in 2020 she did declare she held three posts, including a trustee position at the University of Wyoming, membership of a holding company, and what appears to be a position in her family’s trust. You know, Hunter Biden type money for ‘nothing’ jobs. MORE

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  1. That is the very reason politics are so corrupt, despicable, underhanded, crocked or otherwise stomach-wrenching.

    Our ‘elected’ officials are completely focused on enriching themselves and fucking the constituents.

  2. OT
    For fox news sean hannity

    Last Call
    You kinda suck
    You’re a broken record
    Since 1999
    PS: You kinda suck now, a lot

    Add Hannity and Ingraham to the Rove and Perino cull
    It’s 2023 Fox

    Freshen Up and Flush the Dead Wood

  3. But the FBI and IRS can’t break away from white supremacists and school board meetings long enough to look into this kind of shit?

    I don’t know … strange coincidences, wouldn’t ya say? Graft and Corruption on a tremendous, multi-billion dollar, world-wide scale and no law enforcement agency in existence can smell it?

    Hmmm …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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