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The Stone Skipper

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  1. We used to play this game: Bet on the number of skips (or even any) for “bad” skipping rocks. How ellipsoidal/spherical can you get before it won’t skip any more?!

    I guess we played that because none of us could skip like that guy. 🙂

  2. We can use all the recycled plastic from the oceans to make perfect skipping stones using computer modeling and AI…
    Whoops – wouldn’t that be littering?
    Sorta like flying all around the world to conferences to discuss globull warming…

  3. Keith Richards, actually you were one of the first ones stoned. This older guy is having a blast at something as simple as skipping stones and channeling his own inner kid who still likes simple pleasures in life like skipping stones. I wonder if his nickname is Skippy.

  4. Back in Scranton, Little Joey Biden was so poor that he had to skip bricks off of rain puddles. They called him “The Champ” because the Chimp and the Chump were already taken by his Dad and Uncle.


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