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The Suicide of the Republican Party

American Thinker:

Sir Winston Churchill once quipped that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. Today, we might quip that Trump was the second worst president we could have elected. But, whatever his faults, Hillary Clinton would have been far worse, a devastating alternative, Obama squared. Her policies as president would have been those of the University of California, Berkeley, on steroids.

By now, we would have become a nation without borders. Hate speech would have been defined as anything — anything at all — that liberal progressives don’t like. As for the Second Amendment, the government of Hillary, by Hillary, and for Hillary, would be figuring how best to pry your guns from your cold, dead hands. Health care services would have become a government monopoly, as is the Post Office, and worse, with no medical FedEx for competition.

With all that sinister certainty, how could any Republican still be a never-Trumper?

To be sure, President Trump (pregnant pause, while I savor those two words!) has his shortcomings, even serious shortcomings. I voted against him in the primary, but for him in the general election. My eventual support for him was predicated on only one hope, which was that he would take a wrecking ball to the Washington establishment, a swamp of corruption that includes both major parties. Okay, I also hoped that he would appoint a conservative to the Supreme Court, which he has successfully done. Anything else he accomplishes from now on, will be, as far as I am concerned, an added bonus.  Keep Reading

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  1. I never thought I’d live to see the day when there are more “Republicans” than “Democrats” I’d like to see removed from office, but I have. Add Rubio, Coryn, Collins and Snowe to that picture. I can’t even name that many democrats I loath.

  2. The rat bastards are pretty sure we won’t dump their majority in 2018, because we don’t want to see PDT impeached. You watch, they’ll run on Trump impeachment fearmongering. Scumbags.

  3. Robert Arvay sounds like an establishment guy and like his lights are slowly going on while Trump pushes his agenda forward. Die hard Trump fans reached their saturation point with the status quo RINOs long ago. That’s why Trumps President. And I’ll predict there’s going to be a lot of RINOs leaving soon.

  4. I keep hoping that a dozen or more big name conservatives will bolt the GOP and form a new (truly) constitutional/conservative party (or take over one of the smaller existing parties) but that seems to be a pipe dream. The squishy ones will again campaign as the conservatives they have never been, thinking (maybe rightly so) that we don’t have an alternative. But the alternative will be the one that played out in 2008 and 2012: conservatives stay home in large numbers and Dems win by default. Please, say it ain’t gotta be like that!

  5. Until they start losing elections they won’t change. They’d rather prove themselves right and be able to say ‘I told you so’ about Trump instead of taking advantage of their one opportunity to change the country. Little do they realize they are only proving those of us that didn’t want their Jeb! pushed down our throats right.

  6. Agreed with Bad Brad. What a *stupid* article! It mixes the “best” (/s) of Jeb! Bush’s milquetoast “strength and resolve” with the fatalistic defeatism of the #NeverTrumpers.

    I forget where I read it, but the GOP may well regret resisting Trump, once they realize what Americans will accept politically in the future to ensure their survival and thriving.

    They’re already dead; they just don’t know it.

  7. Larry Arnn is the president of Hillsdale College and his most recent book is Churchill’s Trial. Arnn also worked as the primary researcher (Director of Research) for Sir Martin Gilbert, the official biographer of Churchill. Being one of the most widely-recognized intellectual conservatives in the country, when Larry Arnn calls Trump a conservative, as he has in numerous public forums, I think I will go with his opinion over Robert Avary’s. And when he compares Donald Trump to Churchill in near-glowing terms, I think I will trust his knowledge of Churchill over Avary’s twisted, shoe-horning of Churchillian thought to fit his narrative of Trump’s supposed flaws.

    Additionally, Arnn has never been #NT, in fact he has been Never NeverTrump. And I’ve met and talked with Larry Arnn and he’s an honest and thoughtful man — he thinks things through in an honest manner.

    I am getting fed up with pieces written by people who make broad statements regarding Trump’s foregone, “everybody knows”, character flaws. They make these claims and they just lie there like a leaden meal on the stomach. And then there are no seriously concrete examples of those flaws. Call me biased, but I could cite a bazillion examples of writing by people who were for, ahem, some other candidate in the GOP primaries who now reluctantly praise Trump but not without first issuing the statement that he is terribly flawed. It’s so formulaic now, I don’t even have to read through to the end of the first or second paragraph. They all write the same thing.

    Now then, what is he saying about GOP suicide….?

  8. “…I savor those two words…”

    “Anything else he accomplishes from now on, will be, as far as I am concerned, an added bonus.”

    In OTher Words: a 2nd Scoop

  9. he has a point … if the Hildabeast were president today many (most) of us … & many, many millions like us would be either be moving to the South, Texas or to the northwestern & western states (excluding the Left Coast People’s Republic) …
    the northeast & Midwest would quickly become a hellhole … a wasteland on the scale of ‘Road Warrior’ … to shortly be followed by the Left Coast

  10. If you want to consider people with faults, look at the ” leadership” of the Republicretan potty.This group formally committed suicide when they chose their current “leaders”.

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