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The Warning Signs

ZMan: An axiom of this age is that the Left always projects onto others the things that it is either doing or planning to do. A good rule is to listen to what they are saying, assume the opposite and then try to piece together what they are doing. It is the Opposite Rule of Liberalism and it is an iron law of modern life. An obvious example is their howling about election interference. As soon as they started howling about Trump colluding with the Russians, you knew that it was the Left colluding with someone to rig the election.

This is due to something Eric Hoffer noticed about people who join causes. The fanatic is driven by self-loathing. They are attracted to causes, because it allows them to swap their hated identity with that of the group. It’s also why they tend to jump from cause to cause, often contradicting previous opinions. Progressivism is a secular religion that is really just a dog’s breakfast of causes. Today it is all about trannies, non-whites and the never ending vagina monologue from white women, held together by a hatred of white men.

The point is that you can often get a sense of what the Left is up to by watching where they are casting the accusatory eye. That’s why this story is interesting. Fake twitter followers is a well know phenomenon. It’s fairly obvious that many B and C level media personalities buy twitter followers. It would not be shocking to learn that lefty sites like the Daily Beast and Estrogen Post buy followers for their contributors. Are there really close to one hundred thousand people following this person? Seems unlikely.

Anyway, the fact that the NYTimes is focusing on fake YouTube views when their cult is waging an all out assault on dissidents on-line, probably means that the view counts for lefty YouTube stars are fake. Just how fake is hard to know, but given the “by any means necessary” attitude of the Left, there’s no reason to think they would be restrained. Keep in mind that the NYTimes was buying traffic from Chinese click farms around the same time they started reporting on the phenomenon of fake followers in twitter. more here


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  1. This makes me wonder why they keep telling us we are all Russian bots or in thrall to Russian bots. If the Projection Converter is right, then there is probably a Clintonian Content Farm churning out bot bullshit by the gigabyte.

    “How Russian bots used Mollie Tibbetts’ death to distract from Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort”

  2. Whereas the “axiom” is empirically true, there’s no theory yet that explains the exploding epidemic of such mental incompetence in our culture.

  3. There is a genetic component …or many. Set aside the weak minded who follow The Left because they cannot escape the dole and give their vote and concentrate upon the Sociopathic, level 1-10. They missed out on an evolutionary moment which gave us the ability to construct for a future, empathy, awareness of the importance of the individual and hence his Freedom, a connection to a larger realm of reality and hence an ability connect the dots of cause and effect rather than constructing a reality structure which allows the sociopath to survive anonymously. Unable to conceive of morality they look for its effects upon moral people and claim it in order to survived un shunned. They cannot build but only destroy and ridicule civilization…get used to the tenets of Sociopathy and you will see it at work with the Left every day..

  4. It is a great complement to white Christian men that they are the ultimate enemy of the left. If the devil despises you….


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