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The Washington Post Comes For Emerald Robinson

And they get burned.

Emerald Robinson:

Yesterday, I was alerted that a new article had been published which included my name in Jeff Bezos’ newsletter, The Potomac Pravda — which some people still call The Washington Post. Their little-known National Correspondent, Philip Bump, had produced another piece on social media (a tech sector that he is not equipped to understand) and this time his target was Telegram.

Why was I included in an article on Telegram? After all, I don’t have an account on Telegram. What I do have is someone impersonating me on Telegram — a problem that I have reported to Telegram without success. I’ve alerted my followers on other social media sites on several occasions that the Telegram account using my name is fake.

This is a real problem on social media for prominent figures — for example, somebody was impersonating me on Truth Social for a few weeks until my lawyers got the account deactivated — so I understand why Philip Bump doesn’t know about this issue.

After all, nobody else wants to pretend to be Philip Bump.

The entire sorry episode is yet another example that corporate media journalists like Philip Bump are the most ignorant people on earth. They can’t be bothered to adhere to the most rudimentary standards of journalism — like fact checking or reaching out for comment.

That’s why you have to employ a Hun army of attorneys to deal with these imbeciles. When The Washington Post comes for you, the only proper response is: to crush them like a bug on your windshield. more

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  1. Journalism is a made up profession like Witch Doctor, Snake Oil Salesman, psychologist, psychiatrist and TV Weathermen! Don’t take any of them too seriously or you will fracture your funny bone!


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