The ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ Story Is Complicated, And Everyone Got It Wrong

DailyCaller: The media has raced to declare a waitress the victim of a vile, unprovoked racist attack because she produced a receipt with the message “We only tip citizens.” In its haste to make the waitress a martyr for all things social justice, members of the media may have overstepped and libeled innocent people.

At least, that looks like it could be the case with the massive national outrage over a receipt from Harrisonburg, Va.

The initial incident seemed straightforward. Sadie Elledge, a native-born Honduran-American, claims she was stiffed on a tip and instead received a receipt reading, in all caps, “WE ONLY TIP CITIZENS” from a couple she served at Jess’ Lunch, a diner.

Elledge’s grandfather shared the receipt online, it quickly went viral, and virtually ever outlet that covered it treated Elledge’s claims as objectively true. Many outlets also explicitly blamed both members of the couple for the racist message.

“This couple didn’t tip their Latina server. They left a hateful message instead,” blared a Washington Post headline, suggesting the message was anti-Hispanic racism.

“Customers stiff Latina waitress, write ‘We only tip citizens,” said CNN.

The story has reaped a small financial dividend for Elledge, who has received cash in the mail from supporters.

There’s obviously more to the story.
The claim was investigated by Michael Koolidge, a radio host based in Illinois, who tracked down the couple allegedly responsible for the receipt, and made an astonishing discovery:  MORE

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17 Comments on The ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ Story Is Complicated, And Everyone Got It Wrong

  1. They escalate (bend and twist and scream loudly the messy and kinky parts) each story to a point that nobody knows the truth.

  2. What I get from this story is that the waitress is an illegal, her employer knows she is an illegal, and she obviously makes a point of informing customers that she is an illegal.
    Sounds like ICE needs to round her up and file criminal charges against her employer.

  3. Liberals lie. Point made. Main Sludge Media propagate these lies as talking points, so as BFH said, they can roll up on the balls of their fat feet and piss and moan and groan, saying “see we told you so!” Pathetically F**ked up.

  4. Where is the ACLU or the SPLC or any other of the left wing legal groups that jump in at a moments notice once a minority memeber gets a paper cut. Surely the right has the wherewithal to create organisations at least as equal to these shysters (well, not the shyster part) to help a couple such as this get their good name back, punish the media and get at the truth. As for the manager stating he’s looked at every second of the tape and there isn’t a point where she could have gotten the ticket to write the offending message, that’s a load of bull fed to him by his owner/operator or lawyer. Unless the camera has her delivering the virgin check to the customer and then staying on the check throughout the pickup/bussing process and still on the check held in the open as she hand delivered it to the manager (still on camera) I would tend to believe she fiddled with it. Even then I may be looking for an identical receipt book with that ticket number receipt torn out. What better way to guarantee you get to stay in the country then something like this.

  5. When we go out and decide to leave a cash tip, instead of on the card…..we always write in CASH TIP in the tip area of the receipt. That way no one can alter the tag and it is plainly stated that we left a tip.

    Tipping is a gift, not a right.

  6. I must be missing a whole lot of something. The article points out that the camera shows nothing conclusive. That the receipt was never touched the rest of the day. Yet Gandpa was able to post it online. Seems to me a lot of people could have written that remark. Anyways, bitch got what she wanted. An outpouring of sympathy, and an influx of cash.

  7. If racism and bigotry are so prevalent, why do they keep covering the hoaxes?
    Seems the MSM would ho hum dog bites man like they do the murders in Shitcago.
    Wouldn’t be news if it was as huge a problem as they make out.

  8. I’ve never tipped anyone for anything. I don’t eat out.
    I get paid and I don’t ask for a tip and I wouldn’t take a tip.

  9. The first time I read this story when it first came out, I thought to myself there was going to be more coming out about it and it was probably another hoax. Nice to know my instincts were correct.

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