The Woman Who Warned the World

As one of the first women to serve in the British Parliament, Katharine Stewart-Murray openly condemned Josef Stalin and the atrocities committed by his Communist regime when other British leaders turned a blind eye. She spoke out critically about domestic policies in the UK that she derided as having “national socialist tendencies.” She sounded the alarm about Adolf Hitler, warning of his violent plans for invasion and genocide, while others were content with appeasing the Nazi dictator. She did what was right despite the consequences.

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  1. She makes sense.

    …so what happened that all of the world’s chick leaders are full-on, baby-murdering, pedophile-enabling, Muzzie-loving whores for Communism NOW?

  2. Know who else did that? Yours truly. I’ve been warning about the Russians and that Hitler Trump for several years. You’ll be sorry you didn’t listen to me

  3. Meanwhile on the home front, one political party has decided that they should rule the people rather than We The People ruling ourselves. History repeats.

  4. Just untrue.

    Winston Churchill was the main voice calling out the threat of Nazism and the evils of Hitler’s regime, starting in the early 1930s. He demanded the strengthening of the British Armed forces to meet the threat all during the decade of the 1930’s.

    The British conservatives were deathly afraid of Bolshevism to the extent of ignoring the Nazi threat and hoping that Hitler would turn east and take out the Soviet gangsters. Their fear indicates they saw the threat from the USSR, but they played their hand atrociously. Those conservatives would have been right in 1946 and later.

    I have never heard of this woman, and it sounds like feminism elevating unknowns as world savers, a very bad habit feminists have. If women need a role model from Britain, how about Margaret Thatcher?

  5. funny the USA invested so much money and lives to defeat the ussr and the Nazi’s only to have so much moral support both those regimes 50 years later from the political class of the USA.

  6. But she supported the “republicans” (communists) in the Spanish Civil War?

    A perceptive lady who (apparently) allowed her emotions to cloud her thoughts.

    izlamo delenda est …


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