The World’s First NASCAR DUI

—-Comedian John Wesley Austin
This guy had me laughing the entire video.

8 Comments on The World’s First NASCAR DUI

  1. I’m sure he’s good, but with ScrewYouTube popping adds every 3 minutes I had to kill it.

  2. I love the Dry Bar Comedy channel. This guy was hilarious.
    Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh.
    It’s much needed for those of us suffering under the tyrannical reign of wHitler.
    The tyrant just signaled yesterday that she will most likely extend our oppression even further.

  3. Grool,if it was just me, I’d already be on my way.
    Hubby is currently locked in a job contract.
    If that goes south, there is nothing holding us here.

  4. Keep us in mind. We sure could use y’all to counterbalance the addicts, lunatics, parasites, and (worst of all) the northern locusts who very nearly got Meth Homoparty (Gillum) elected governor.


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