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Their Pronouns Are $8/$8

h/t Brad.

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  1. My daughter & son Both are at Queens university in Kingston where Elon went. (FLUKE)

    My daughter is very bright, a hard worker & earning while she studies in her last year. Everything you want in a young lady.

    My son Streaked across Richardson Football stadium with 4 other girls & 1 other guy last Saturday night at 3AM. Everything you want in a Boy.

    He tells me RUMOURS of what Elon pulled off while there.

    Hail Tower of Isenguard (its a challenge)
    11 stories of stacked cans to the ceiling after 3AM in the graduation hall.

  2. At the end of the day I enjoy a scroll through several known to me liberal Twitter feeds. They are now schizophrenic as to who they hate more-Trump or Elon.

    Twitter is soooo much more fun to read since GenXManBad took over. 😂

  3. Ληοηγmουs τhε Σlδεr December 1, 2022 at 1:17 am
    “According to Dungeons and Dragons, there are 80 genders.”

    …and not a single pair of them can breed worth a damn.

  4. He is a genius, getting people to willingly fall all over themselves pay to identify and confirm themselves for a blue check mark. What could ever go wrong with that.

  5. If it is true, I think it’s his way of not displaying this kind of mental illness on his media platform…or at least keeping it to a bare minimum.

    Wonder if it might also be a very slight dig at his own trans kid?

  6. Elon is two steps ahead of those nutwits. I’m enjoying his antics, they don’t know if he’s serious or not. I think he’s serious. Only billionaire I get a laugh at.

  7. As they should, in the same way obese people must pay double/triple transportation fare since they’re taking up more room.

  8. Our condition is not your pronoun!
    — The Multiple Personalities Community
    Using they/them when you do NOT have multiple personalities is as multiple-personalities-phonic as that horrible movie “The Three Faces of Eve.”


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