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There Are Fake Starbucks In Iraq

JTN: Bearing the official emblem of Starbucks on the sign outside, Baghdad’s unlicensed Starbucks is illegally selling coffee and merchandise in Iraq from the international chain.

Starbucks sued to stop the three illegally operating cafes in Baghdad over trademark violations, but the owner of the unlicensed stores allegedly threatened Starbucks lawyers, halting the case, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

“I had this ambition to open Starbucks in Iraq,” the owner of the three knockoff Starbucks, Amin Makhususi, said in September. 

He said Starbucks’ regional agent based in Kuwait denied him a license for an official coffee shop, and his contacts in the United States could not help him reach the chain. 

“I decided to do it anyway, and bear the consequences,” he said. more here

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