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There Was a Child In The Room

What the fuck is wrong with people?

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  1. This stupid woman is damn lucky that she didn’t blow her brains out. Rule # 1 don’t play with guns and never assume that they’re unloaded. I lost a friend about 10 years ago who accidentally shot himself while cleaning his pistol, they still don’t know if it was truly an accident or suicide. This dumb broad is bucking for a future Darwin Award.

  2. These are the people . . .

    Remember the Winter Tow Chain Forest Fire Ad that ran over and over and over again endlessly, sometimes 3 times in a row PSA?

    They got a new one.

    Hide and Seek your Guns away. They are running ads teaching kids to search their house over every nook and cranny to find the hidden gun. Playing over and over again on FOX.

    It’s some pretty sick programming when you stop to think about the message they are really sending.

    Yes Virginia, there is Evil in the World.

  3. This is a good example why democrats don’t like guns. It’s not that they think the gun pulls the trigger all by itself, they are fully aware the person who possesses the gun pulls the trigger. Thing is, they have NO SELF CONTROL and think everyone else also is incapable.

    I once showed my pocket knife to a libtard and he got all freaked out because the blade lock is on the inside of the handle. “OMG you’re literally folding the knife toward your thumb to release the blade lock!! that’s SoOoOoOOOO dangerous! I could never have this knife.”

  4. I’ve never understood how someone shoots themselves while cleaning a gun. To properly clean a gun, it at least has to be partially disassembled or the action opened without a round in the chamber…

  5. loshonhora

    Mainly Glocks. To pull the slide off you dump the mag, rack the slide to remove the round in the chamber, but then you need to take the gun out of battery before you can pull the slide off. Which means you need to press the trigger. Every once in a while, they go boom.

  6. 1. The pigment is strong in this one

    2. Immediately after realizing she escaped a deserved early exit, she RUSHED to the mirror to check on any damage TO HER HAIR !!!

  7. I’m with Jason. I think it was a blank. A live round would have burned the shit out of her and probably set her hair on fire. Hard to see, but I didn’t see it eject the empty or the gun cycle.

  8. I tried google-translate but it came back as “WTF???”:

    “Locos never discharged are fire arm in a shoot house a watched shit floating in the air from everywhere. Not a gun guy.”

    Brother Brad hates it when I’m right, he should be used to it by now…

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