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MIA Mayor Accused of Running Town via WhatsApp

Mayor Lidiane Leite brazil

(NEWSER) – While people in the Brazilian town of Bom Jardim were facing daily economic struggles and teachers stopped getting their paychecks, prosecutors say Mayor Lidiane Leite was partying it up in the Maranhao state capital—and running the town under her charge from 170 miles away via WhatsApp, the BBC reports.

After Leite’s name was linked to misappropriation of $4 million from the Bom Jardim school system in a sting labeled Operation Eden, the 25-year-old took off for Sao Luis, prompting an arrest warrant to be issued last week for both herself and Beto Rocha, her former adviser and variously reported as her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.

The Telegraph notes that Leite would post pictures on social media from her hideout—including photos of her sipping champagne and hanging out with her personal trainer—boasting of her newfound fortune.  more

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how brazen some people can be.

    I really hope the people of Bom Jardim are willing to show how pissed off they are–and don’t let up.

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