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They Have Reservations

Some BitchToldMe: Here’s a few news stories that have stood out to me over the last few days that I’ve posted about on Gab. All in one spot, how convenient! 🙂

First, I had a good time making some “How It Started vs. How It’s Going” type images:

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  1. Funny — I was under the impression the Indians HATED the pipeline. The MSM told me so.

  2. It was MUCH more important to get rid of those nasty nicknames (because words hurt so much) than making sure they can keep their oil.

  3. “Funny — I was under the impression the Indians HATED the pipeline. The MSM told me so.”

    Au contrair! Indians (American, not Dot) will sue if a pipeline dodges their reservation. Because they don’t wan’t an easement payment for the right of way, they want a partnership arrangement where they get a cut of the net proceeds of what transits the pipe.

    And sometimes they get it!

    If a pipeline company needs to cross your white ass owned dirt you get a one time easement fee. If you’re a Native American conglomerate (population dirt poor, drug and alcohol addicted, tribal leadership comprised of millionaires) they get to negotiate deals to become partners with the pipeline company.

    Massive fuckery in these deals.

  4. @answerman cooper:
    She waiting in teepee for Great White Father Joe to bestow heap big cabinet position

  5. Don’t forget HR127

    Gun, ammo registration requiring health records, arrest records even if dismissed, high fees, etc

  6. Treaty? Ha. Just a piece of paper. Just like a contract. Or the constitution. Means nothing in the ‘New America’.


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