They spread it around pretty thick even in the 1970s

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda

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  1. Then they pulled the “vaccine” after a lot fewer people died from it than what we are experiencing now.

  2. I remember that. Was just beginning to relax about the upcoming Ice Age that was on the news every night a couple years previously. I believe this just shortly preceded the hole in the Ozone thay was going to smite us.

  3. But they censor the vax injuries and so many of them are on a virtue signaling marathon, loving masks and lockdowns, telling people they are selfish not to do their part, celebrating vaccination and still wearing the mask. Then they die and FB scrubs their account like this guy – this site is full of these stories.

  4. Don’t remember the swine flu? Because the flu shot got rid of it. Don’t be whack, get yourself the vac (cine, that is).

  5. Hey Libtard Larry,
    I hear the Swine Flu is coming back.
    Hurry! There are still left over vaccines available on ebay…

  6. I had one shot. I was sick as a dog for a week. Felt like I was going to die.

    Then they said people in my age group needed to get a second shot.

    Ah, no.

  7. I guess I didn’t pay attention as a kid or maybe they didn’t push it in our neck of the woods.
    I do know my mom didn’t get it back then, because it took years before she listened to her doctor and took a flu shot because she said they used to kill people. It was about 15 years ago when she started getting them.
    She certainly wasn’t anti-vax, we had to have our measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio and tetnus vaccines and my older siblings and her all had the scar on their arm from the small pox vaccine.

  8. From 1770 to 1799 Jefferson said, “The history of civilization all over the world shows that the greasiest, meanest, most selfish folk in every society go into government service.” Prior to 1790 he prefaces this quote with, “the world’s great mathematician Locke has analyzed the data…”

    Which is why in 1949 a conservative, D, union president said, “Gov will never solve our problems. … GOV IS OUR PROBLEM!”! He repeated this many times the next 40 years ; including on Johnny Carson , and as President in. SotU 1982!

    I was just as conservative in ’76 as I am now. Voted Ronny in the primary! So I did not get a shot; not did I get SF!

    Ronny was right; govt is brad!

  9. Haven’t had any kind of vaccine since I had to get them in the USN, 30 + years ago.

    I may yet die from some virus, but I won’t die from a vaccine.

  10. @mja – Look up what Larry Kramer thought about Fraudci and AIDS…back THEN.

    He hated the guy…

    Mr. Flipflop scientist needs ‘the hook’ from the side stage…now.

  11. I remember it well. I received the Swine Flu vaccine. After all, it was going to be a repeat of the 1918 Flu pandemic and millions were predicted to die. One actually did. 35 to 40 died from the vaccine, and around 400 were disabled with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. I also contracted the Swine Flu. I was sick as hell for a week, recovered, and went back to work. I worried about contracting Guillain-Barré Syndrome for a few months, but was mercifully unaffected. No, I haven’t rushed out in a panic for the latest jab, I’ll let the Covid Canaries sort it out while I wait for a safe vaccine.


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