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They Made Me a Thought Criminal

Truth Revolt – I like to criticize this government as much as the next fellow, but there are times when only Bill Whittle really gets to the heart of the matter and the soul of liberal fascist. His latest Firewall identifies those in government who seek to undermine the Constitution, even at the risk of his freedoms.




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  1. Lousy cock sucking mother fuckers-where in God’s name is our “leadership”?

    It’s so bad, I’m at the point I would actually cheer the footage of a dozen Blackhawks landing on the WH lawn and arresting Jarrett and Obama.

    REgressivism is too deeply intertwined with what was once a government of the people-there’s only 2 ways for this to go and neither of them involves “voting”

  2. Whittle (bless him) focused on the 1st Amendment but also mentioned the 2nd. Govt violations of that one will be the trigger (sorry). Watch for shooting to start in Connecticut when Malloy loses Tuesday and he turns Lawlor loose to seize guns and mags on Wednesday.

  3. @billyfuster – I respectfully suggest that you consider not thinking of any politician, party official, or govt agent as a “leader.” In a sane world, they would be followers – they’d follow the value- and principle-based instructions of their constituents and members.

    It is, though, possible for such a person to be a leader. The uniquely distinguishing characteristic of one such is honest reluctance to take on that role.

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