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They’ve Done This Before

Revolver: Last week, Revolver highlighted the disturbing number of key figures in the January 6 Capitol incident who have gone unnamed and unindicted even as the number of criminal cases federal officials have brought spirals into the hundreds. Read it here if you’ve been living under a rock.

By now, it is a distinct possibility that many participants in the January 6 “riot” were associated with the government in some manner, be it as informants or full-blown agents.

America’s regime media is deeply committed to the narrative of January 6 as a planned “insurrection,” so they have flailed desperately to debunk reporting by Revolver as well as Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Twitter’s “neutral” “aggregators” made a cringeworthy clarification that only further bolstered Revolver’s claims.

Revolver will continue to report out the story of the Capitol incident and the federal government’s potential role in instigating it. But there is another reason to suspect federal involvement in January 6: The federal government has a decades-long history of this exact behavior. Revolver has already reported extensively on the phony “plot” against Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, where five out of eighteen core plotters were actually connected to the federal government. But there are countless additional incidents, all over the country, stretching all the way back to the 1950s.

Now, for your edification, we would like to present five of the most egregious incidents of the federal government inciting the crimes it claims to be fighting. more here

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  1. It’d not just in the government that the inept are promoted.

    I’ve seen many facets of it. I worked for Bell, and ABC. The inept were promoted to Grand Positions of Influence. The people who knew what the fuck was going on were kept in little boxes.

    And, frankly, I wouldn’t have wanted to be promoted to Grand Positions of Influence. I would have fired dozens of people. And upset the apple cart.

    Maybe they knew that. Maybe they knew I was serious about the job. You can’t have people who are serious about the job at the top.

  2. It’d? Now you know why I was never promoted. I didn’t have an edit button.

    Maybe they actually knew I’m a retard.

    An ANGRY retard.

  3. FBI, Fucking Below Average Instigators. They’ve made movies about these clowns getting their asses shot off. It’s only gotten worse. Few SOFT guys are joining this bull shit. Thee assholes are not Patriots. Which apparently the word Patriot is now hate speech. Damn.

  4. rich taylor
    “the inept and stupid are never fired, just promoted.”
    I had a commanding officer like that in the MC. He was a Lieutenant Colonel, got promoted to Colonel and moved to headquarters. His uncle was a General.
    Yes, there is nepotism in the military.

  5. Seeing that crop of FBI agents taking a knee in support of BLM, that is all I need to know about the caliber of schmucks they are now hiring.

    It is so disheartening. The guys I knew in the military, the guys I had as beat partners, many ex-military, I had zero hesitancy about rushing to the sound of the guns with these guys having my back. Nowadays, I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Who knows where their loyalties lie, or if they even care about doing a good job.

  6. Patriot is a bad word.

    “Do your fucking job” is a bad sentence.

    And there are many times when, “Do your fucking job” is not the correct answer. Many of them, these days, don’t know what their job is. It’s our job to tell them what their job is. And we are the bad guys because they are ignorant.

    When I was in the telco a large part of my job was to read the BSPs and understand them.

    It’s the same thing with The Constitution. Except THEY pervert The Constitution for their own nefarious ends.

  7. rich taylor

    I feel bad for you bro. I’m and hour ten away from you. Hit MJA up for my e mail. I’ll introduce you to a couple ex LE, one a Post Certified Trainer, that are ready to get off the rez. Bad times ahead.

  8. Federal Investigation Bureau. FIB.


    The FIB is the government mafia.

    They should really be The Federal Litter Box, to be really truthful. Just like cats, they make a mess, then cover it up.

    The stench has become over whelming and added to the filth of congress and all of the acronym departments of government, it’s time to take out the trash.


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